These 8 kinds of flowers blooming blue flowers are super beautiful!

Do not forget me

Don’t forget me, also known as the star flower, petals are light blue, and they belong to the herbaceous herbaceous plants of the genius family. Forget me, I prefer the sun and like a dry environment. Forget me, I don’t forget a sincere and deep love, and the love that cannot be forgotten. It is meaningful to send this flower between couples.

Blue Gourd Leaf Chrysanthemum

Arthur is rich in this kind of gourd chrysanthemum, the most common is red. But in fact, the blue melon chrysanthemum is also very beautiful, and it is relatively rare and precious. Many people who have seen them will like it particularly.

Blue star flower

This kind of flower is an evergreen plant with a perennial flower family. Generally, it will bloom in the morning, and the flowers fall in the afternoon, and the opening time is very short. The shape of the blue star flower is petite and pleasant, and all seasons can be blooming.


It is a herbaceous plant that belongs to the perennial lip -shaped family, which is more common in some gardens in Europe. The sage also exudes a strong aroma when blooming. When people walk through the flowers, they will feel very enjoyable.


At first I knew that Iris flowers were still in Van Gogh’s paintings. It was a perennial herbal plant, also known as blue butterfly.


The color of the linen seed flower is sky blue, and there are several pale yellow stamens erected in the middle of the petals. The color matching is very harmonious.

Pink butterfly

The color of the pink butterfly flowers is not the same as its name, but an elegant blue, which belongs to the annual herbaceous plant that belongs to the family of water.

Blue Yasa chrysanthemum

This kind of flower is generally clustered, and you look at a gentle blue in the distance, which is particularly beautiful. And its vitality is still very strong, often growing in the field.

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