These 8 kinds of flowers, the more prosperous, the more crazy


(Author: DDDCHINA Source: Tibetan Flower Pavilion)

In the wild and greening, we always see the figure of the slurry. Its vitality is tenacious and it is very easy to explode!

1. The sun is exposed. The more sufficient the light, the bright its color, it is best to put it outdoors or the South balcony.

2. Drought tolerance and less watering. It can usually be poured up. If the flower pot feels obviously lighter, it is enough to pour the water once.

3. You can mix some fermented rice and bean cake water during watering, which can make the slurry grass grow more vigorously!

2 Changshouhua

(Author: Source of self -loving yourself: Taxi Huaxing)

Longevity flowers bloom and look good, and the flowering period is long, which is an essential type of family flowers.

1. It is best to place in a place with good light, the preferred yard and South balcony.

2. There is a lot of water, and it is not easy to water too frequently. Pour water once every 5-7 days.

3. The chopped longevity flower branches are inserted into the air with good breathability, which can be rooted in about a week.

3 aloe vera

Aloe vera is well -known for support. There are no special requirements for the growth environment. No matter where they are!

1. Like light, directly placed on the balcony with sufficient light, the longer the sun will be better.

2. Aloe vera is resistant to drought. The more watering the more, the easier it is to die. Generally, it is enough to pour it once every 1-2 months.

3. The reproduction of aloe vera is particularly fast, and it is easy to change from a pot to multiple pots.

4 Scholata

Schilan is also a very good flower, but many people are too careful about it, but there is always a phenomenon of dry yellow leaves.

1. Det more sun. Although Schilan likes a semi -yin environment, the sufficient sunshine can make it grow up!

2. Watering less. The drought drought is the most yellow leaves, but the water is too much to rot the roots. At that time, it will not be able to save it. It can be poured once every 10-15 days.

3. There is a stolin stems in the spider orchids. Each stub can grow into a new plant, which is particularly easy to explode.

5 Sunflower

(Author: Y511201 Source: Tibetan Flower Pavilion)

When I was a kid, every family will grow sun flowers. The front and the houses are everywhere. You can also open a pot!

1. Be sure to bask in the sun. The stronger the light, the more gorgeous flowers, and even the fertilizer does not need to be applied. As long as there is sunlight, it is enough.

2. It is particularly drought-resistant. Basically, it will not die without watering for 1-2 months. As long as you see the leaves, it is enough.

3. Cuttings of sun flowers are particularly easy to survive. As long as the roots are directly in the soil, it can grow up in about half a month.

6 Desert Rose

Just listening to the name of the desert rose, you know that it must be very good to feed!

1. You must ensure that the light is sufficient to ensure that the flowers are more colorful. It is best to put it on the South Bowl.

2. There is no need for watering, and when the surface of the pot soil is found white, pour it.

3. The best cuttings in summer. Generally, the top branches of about 10cm are selected, and the cuttings are cut into sandy soil, and they can take root in about half a month.

7 copper coins

(Author: Sun3015 Source: Tap Hua Wing)

Coppercurus has round leaves, and the shape is like copper coins. It is sought after by many flower buds. Basic families will have a pot.

1. Only the big sun can ensure that the copper coins are strong, and the copper coins with insufficient light are impossible to explode.

2. Watering can grow more! Generally, water must be poured once-2 days. If the temperature is high in summer, it may even pour twice a day.

3. When watering, you can also choose rice water or fish tank water, which can make the copper coins grow pot!

8 Peony Schiolin

(Author: Happiness Speechless Source: Taxi Walk)

The degree of feeding of peony and orchids can be compared with sunflowers. If you can raise it casually, you can grow into a waterfall!

1. Xiguang. Peony Schizure can also grow indoors, but the growth rate is slow, it is better to grow more vigorously on the balcony or window sill!

2. Hi wet. When you see the leaves, you watery it. It is enough to pour water once every 3-5 days.

3. The cut branches can be taken directly in the soil and can take root in less than a week.

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