These balconies are too good, no wonder they do n’t go away

Hanging basket is a good thing in the balcony in the balcony in the figure below. It is better to put a hanging basket on the railing. It can not only increase the value, but also raise a few pots of flowers ~

A set of tables and chairs are necessary to be a relaxed place. Therefore, put a set of tables and chairs. You can put flowers and plants on the other corners, and you can put a few pots on the table ~

The cushion is very comfortable to lean on the pillow. I think the chair is sitting hard and uncomfortable? It’s okay, just put a few pillows on the chair ~

It is better to match each other with flowers and plants. Some flower friends prefer leaf plants. Therefore, when planting, you can choose leaf -seeing plants, such as alum roots, Yiye orchids, and hanging orchids.

The wooden flower pot is also very fresh. In order to unify the decoration style of the flower pot and the home, you can choose to use the remaining wood to create a wooden flower pot ~ It is also beautiful to plant leafy plants!

With a small fence, in the figure below, you can separate the planting flowers and plants. When you look outside, you can’t see the entire balcony of the flower pot after another. Is it instantly refreshing?

The color should be suitable for color, or it depends on personal preferences. You can refer to the picture below ~ You can refer to the picture below ~

The carpet is very easy to use on the wooden floor, and then spread a small piece of soft carpet. When boring, you can take off your shoes and step on the carpet, which is comfortable!

The hammock can be obsessed with the heavier flower buddies because of the person. However, you can hang a hammock on your own balcony. When you are okay, you can lie on the hammock and enjoy the scenery outside the window quietly!

The storage is very important to plant flowers on the balcony. The storage must be done well. You can build a few small flower stands, and then build a square frame in the back. It is more convenient to put a shovel or something. Climbing!

Qiu Qian’s more childlike flower friends can also install a Qiuqian on their own balcony. However, Huahua wants to remind everyone that when installing, you must first determine the load of your own balcony ~

I don’t know what the balcony at home in the flower of the flower friends looks like? If you have a better creativity, you can leave a message to Huahua ~ or send pictures of the flower balcony in the dialogue mode ~

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