These climbing plants on the balcony have become old castles in minutes!


The flower language of Tielian also has a good meaning, which means high -clean and beautiful heart.

The flowers of the iron wire or light pink, or pale purple, or white, with some mixed colors, look particularly small and fresh, the branches of the iron wire lotus are very soft, growing along the balcony, which can gradually be connected into a piece Let you see cute flowers as soon as you stretch your head every day, even with a good mood for a day!

Climbing tiger

Speaking of climbing plants, I think that even friends who are not particularly concerned about flowers will think of climbing tigers. Potted on the balcony, tightly put the flower pot against the wall, and the mountain climbing tiger can be tightly adsorbed on the wall. In summer, the climbing tiger will bloom a white green flower. Although not conspicuous, it is very cute. It feels like a green blanket is attached to the wall, making the wall more vibrant!


The artillery flower flower is also a widely used vine plant. Many people like to decorate the balcony with artillery fighting flowers. The name of the flower fighting flower is originally because its flowers are more like artillery battles, so they are named. The leaves and stems are really dazzling, and the balcony is lively and festive!

Coral vine

The status of coral vines in vertical greening plants is very high. He was kindly praised as the queen of the vine plant world. The most important thing is the coral vine, which is suitable for raising it on the balcony. The flowers are composed of 5 exquisite petals. The pink and tender flowers, clusters of clusters together, are very cute.


Purple has always given people a romantic, noble, and dreamy feeling. If you want to create a fantastic castle’s sense of vision, it is better to get wisteria flowers on the balcony finger! Wisteria’s inflorescence is very long, and the drooping flowers look like a purple curtain. It has a spectacular feeling, which brings a strong visual impact and memorable. Don’t hesitate, go to the balcony to plant wisteria!

Five flavors

Presumably the five flavor seeds in the minds of most people are blind Chinese medicine, but in fact, Schisandra itself is also a good ornamental plant. The tender green leaves are still red -red fruits, which look very eye -catching, and it is too eye -catching to grow on the balcony!

How about, put the above plant species on the balcony, and immediately make your balcony different, let others notice at a glance! Is it great? Then go to plant, enjoy the envy of others!

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