These common purple flowers are not like words!


Violet is a relatively cold -resistant but not drought -resistant plant. We all know that Violet presents elegant purple, and now I want to tell you that the flowers of this violet have beautiful pilots in the whole body. At the same time, it looks more noble’s temperament. It is planted in the home to cultivate some violets. It can also indirectly improve the temperament of the entire family environment while decorating the home. Good thing.


Fantasy to have a lilac flower with all over the mountains. The aroma is pleasant and the flowers are rich. It sounds like it makes people feel refreshed, let alone grow it by itself. The purple clove flowers are not only good -looking, but also have certain medicinal value, clove flowers, buttons, lilac flowers After the medicine, it can solve the long -term diarrhea of ​​the patient, and the symptoms of excessive bacteria in the body can be survived. Lilac flowers are also one of the flowers and trees with great ornamental value. They are often used as garden plants, beautifying the city, and decorating the garden environment.

purple Rose

I believe that everyone is familiar with the roses, but everyone knows that there are red roses, champagne roses, cold beauty, but where does this purple rose come from? Purple roses are also a variety of roses. In addition to being used to give people, they also have a certain effect of medicinal health. Purple roses can mainly help people to metabolize. Generally speaking, in detoxification, weight loss, and laxative, In the process, purple roses can play a certain auxiliary role.


In the supermarket, some of the incense in the supermarket have the ingredients of lavender. Lavender is also a dreamy flower of many lovers. Not only is the fragrance charming, but the flowers are very beautiful.

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