These five succulent plants reproduce quickly and are easy to raise

Bo Xue Wannian Cao

Bo Xue Wannian Grass is a small succulent plant, which is relatively simple and grows fast.

When Bo Xue Wannian Cao is cultivated, watering should follow the principle of not drying or poured. The light should be kept sufficient, and the light should be exposed during the growth period, but in winter, pay attention to placing places with sufficient light. Generally, shading is generally not required.

Guanyin Lotus

Guanyin lotus is a kind of succulent plant that is easy to explode. You can often see that the well -raised Guanyin lotus is covered with small plants.

When breeding Guanyin Lotus, it is generally used to use loose and fertile soil, and the light should be sufficient, but do not expose the sun in summer. Watering is generally seen when the soil becomes dry and then poured. Don’t pour too much water in winter.

Pearl Schrylansch

Pearl Schryons is also a kind of fleshy of viewing value. When breeding, it can hang it up, and it is easy to grow into a waterfall.

Pay attention to breathability and water transparency in breeding pearls. Do not water too much. Fertilization is generally thin during growth.

Zishe Lianhua

Zi Lianhua’s plant is still relatively small and strange, and the ornamental is relatively high. It is relatively adaptable and grows fast.

When breeding the lotus is holding lotus, spring and autumn are the growth period. At this time, sufficient light can be given. Pay attention to shading in summer. Do not dry or water it when watering. Wait until it is dry. Pay attention not to too much water in summer.

Ji Xing Beauty

Ji Xing Beauty is a small fleshy fleshy, which looks a bit like 10,000 years of grass. Breeding is relatively simple and easy to survive.

Ji Xingmei’s ability to resist drought is better, and watering generally does not need to be too diligent. In summer, shade, but shaded for a long time. Light has a great impact on Ji Xingmei. Some strong lights will be gorgeous pink, and less light will be green.

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