These flowers are difficult to raise and die easily

Lig Begonia

Lig Begonia is a flower that is easy to be raised. When breeding, the more common cause of death in Lig Begonia is improper watering and insufficient light. The phenomenon of not talking, death.

When breeding Lig Begonia, pay attention. Watering is generally dry and translucent. It cannot be too diligent. It does not like water.

The light is mainly farmed in the room with scattered light. Do not give it direct light.


Phalaenopsis is also a kind of flower that is easy to die. Generally, Phalaenopsis is mostly because of too much fertilization. Of course, it may also be a problem of watering.

Frequent Phalaenopsis is generally less fertilizer, and do not apply heavy fertilizer. Just apply phosphorus fertilizer before flowering.

If you water it, be careful not to pour too much to avoid rotten plants and yellow leaves. Note that water should be poured more in the growing season of spring and summer, but water should not stay on the leaves.

Wealth tree

It is difficult to raise a wealthy tree. In fact, it is mainly realized that it is easy to rot the roots and leaves. When breeding the fortune tree, pay attention to the temperature of watering and maintenance.

The fortune tree is not tolerated, and its root system is not very developed, so be careful not to have stagnant water when watering, otherwise it is easy to rot. You can spray water at the leaves every day.

If the temperature is maintained, it is best to keep it above 15 ° C. Be careful not to cause low temperature freezing damage.


When breeding gardenia flowers, it is generally harmful to the plants when rotten yellow leaves or yellow leaves or yellowing diseases, and it is easy to die.

When breeding gardenia, pay attention to keeping moist, and you can spray humidity at night. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the soil. Most of the gardenia flowers are the problem of soil, and soil is caused by alkali. You can give gardenia shower a sulfate solution.

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