These flowers are dormant in summer, you are still watering a lot? No wonder it will die


1. Sembine, you need to put longevity flowers in the scattered light in the summer. For example, the light living room, north balcony and other places are more appropriate. 2. The ventilation must be good. It is best to place it next to the window, or in the living room with transparent north and south ~ 3. Watering, because it is in a dormant period, so watering should be less, you need to see dry and wet, that is, the surface 2 ~ The soil of 3cm is dried after dried, or water it 1 to 2 weeks.

Crab claw

1. Drying and ventilation, it is best to put the crab claw orchid on the north balcony, or the east -west balcony, the ventilation and shading. 2. Usually keep the surface of the pot soil dry. Watering must be wet and wet, or water is poured once every half a month to a month. 3. Do not fertilize during dormancy. Do not rain. When the temperature is too high, you can spray water near the ground near the crab claw to increase the air humidity.

Come to a pair

1. Water control, the temperature in the summer will automatically dormant when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees. The specific performance is that the leaves withered. At this time, you must not water more, and let it wither! Watering is almost the same once a month! 2. Put it in a cool and ventilated place for maintenance, it is best to put it on the north balcony, or the indoor scattering light. 3. Another method is that after all the parts of the Fairy came to the ground, dug out the ball from the fermery, wrap it in newspapers, and then put it in a cool and ventilated place for maintenance.

Dry golden lotus

1. The temperature exceeds 35 degrees, and the dry golden lotus must be moved to a cool and ventilated place. It can be scattered. At the same time, sprinkle water on the surrounding ground and use the air to evaporate the heat. 2. Stop fertilization, be sure to stop fertilization. At this time, fertilization will definitely burn the root. 3. Watering must be wet and wet. Put a toothpick into the soil about 3cm in the soil before watering. After pulling it out, if the toothpick is dry, it should be watered.

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1. Water control, water control, and fleshy summer must be controlled, and water can be poured once a month. 2. Be sure to cover it at noon, or put the flesh on the east and west balconies to maintain. 3. Stop fertilization. 4. Be sure to ventilate well. You can put it in the north -south room, or it can be placed on the window sill of the north and south.

Do you pay attention to watering in your flowers? Hurry up ~

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