These flowers are the fastest in summer, and when you miss this time, you have no time to regret it!

Fairy ball

1. Accepting sunlight

In the summer, the fairy ball can be exposed to the sun. Except for individual impatience, the rest can be placed outdoors to bask in the sun. Unless there are some places, you can cover the yin slightly at noon.

2. Reduce watering

Don’t think that the temperature in the summer should be watered more. When you touch the pot soil, pour it, because a pot of water goes down. The soil is hot and it is easy to rot because of the root system. Watering should be poured when it is cool at night. Do not pour more and transparent. It is about half of the amount of water. Just 1-2 times a month,

3. Supplement of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer

The fairy ball blooms in summer, and the nutrient consumption is large during flowering, so you can apply some fertilizer after flowering, and you can compound fertilizer. At the same time, the fairy ball must use soil with good drainage and mix more sand.

4. Keep good ventilation

In summer, if you want to grow fast, you must maintain a particularly good ventilation. It is easy to rot the roots in the air -conditioned room for a long time to stay in the air -conditioned room for a long time, and ensure that the ventilation is about 3 hours a day.

Bump into the fragrance

1. Guarantee sufficient light

Touching incense is a very skinny plant. I especially like the big sun. It looks particularly fast in summer, especially the bumper incense placed outdoors. Some can explode the pot in less than a month.

2. Don’t do it without drying

The fragrance of the outdoor raising can be poured once a day. If the indoor is raised, it can be poured when it feels dry when the pot is dry. And do not pour water at noon, 5-6 in the morning, and 7-8 pm are the most suitable

3. Beheading and keeping ventilation

If you touch the incense in the summer too strong and dense, it will not be ventilated and easy to rot. Therefore, you can beheaded. After beheading, it will grow very strong, and it will explode soon. In addition, cutting the branches can be cut directly, and the pot can be burst in the basin.


1. Guarantee sufficient light

Jasmine likes to bask in the sun, but it must not be short of water. Outdoor care can be watered 1-2 times a day.

When you touch the pot soil, you can water it quickly, it is best to water it in the morning or evening.

2. Time trimming

Summer is the flowering period of Jasmine. After flowering, we must trim the residual flowers in time, and cut off the long branches in order to continuously germinate new side buds and bloom more flowers.

3. Fertilization and nutrients

The nutrient consumption during jasmine is serious, especially the phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, so the proportion of potassium dihydrogen phosphate and water for 1-2 times a week is 1: 1: 1000. inside.


1. Proper shade

In summer, gardenia cannot be exposed to the big sun, and it can be sunny and evening, but it should be covered with about 60%of light at noon. It is best to put it on the east and west balconies.

2. Increase watering and humidity

In the summer, it is more diligent in watering than usual. Watering 1-2 times a day, or pouring once every 2-3 days. At the same time, water spray water around the leaves 2-3 times a day, otherwise the leaves, yellow leaves, and buds will follow.

3. Supplementary sulfate sulfate

Gardenia likes acidic soil, pour sulfate solution every 7-10 days, and the proportion of iron sulfate and water is 2: 1000


1. Keep sufficient water

Green Luo likes water, it usually takes water in 2 to 3 days in summer. The pot is lighter or the blades are a bit withered, so you can water it quickly. You can usually spray water to moisturize in the leaves and the surrounding ground in the morning and evening, improve the humidity and reduce the temperature.

2. Appropriate light is important

If Lv Luo wants to grow fast, light is even more indispensable, but the light in the summer and open -air must not be exposed. If indoor care, the light of east and west balconies and living rooms is the most suitable, brighter, and avoiding strong light. It must not be long for a long time. Shadow, otherwise it is easy to yellow and withered.

3. Successive nutrition cannot be less

If the green dill grows crazy, the nutrition has to keep up with nitrogen fertilizer. Usually, the water raising fish at home can directly pour the green dill. Come to pour green dill.

4. Keep good ventilation in the room

The outdoor plant grows fast and looks good. On the one hand, the reason is that the ventilation is good. In summer, many families turn on air conditioning, which causes indoor not ventilated. Green dill is easy to rot or recruit diseases and insect pests. Remember to open the window and let the green dill breathe fresh air.

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