These flowers can be born, and it will be born once a year. It is too easy to explode the pot!

Guanyin Lotus

Guanyin Lotus is too real, and it can grow dripping in summer, and it is basically freezer. Remember that Huahua bought a Guanyin lotus in the spring of 2015. After 3 months, he started to grow a little cub. After changing the big pot, the basin was burst in the spring of the next year, and it was a fertility machine.

Guanyinlian likes to be full of light. It is properly shaded in summer, and watering is not dried. It is poured 3-4 times a month in spring and autumn, and 2-3 times a month in summer.

If the flower pot is large enough, the raw Guanyin lotus will give birth to the root system and grow into a new plant.

If you don’t want to affect the plant shape of the mother, you can cut the small Guanyin lotus with scissors, put it in a place where the astigmatism ventilation for a long time, and then cut it in other pots!

After the long root, you must ensure sufficient light, otherwise it is long.

Solar flower

The sun flowers are recognized by we can’t die. This year, one plant, dozens of strains, or even hundreds of strains next year. If you want to explode the pot, you can choose it!

The method of solar flowers burst pots is generally self -sowing, that is, after your sun flowers bloom this year, let it be formed, sprinkle in the pot soil, and the next year, it can germinate. Put the outside and experience the cold spring process.

There are two ways to explode pots, which can be carried out separately or in combination, that is, the top+cuttings,

The top is when the sun flowers to more than 10 centimeters, cut the branches height, which will promote the germination of the side buds. Make a solar flower grow a lot.

In addition, the solar flower branches we cut can be cut directly into the soil, and the water can be lived. The branches are inserted and the pot is very simple!

Spidering orchid

Everyone who has raised spider orchids knows that the breeding of the springs can be flooded.

It is almost a hanging orchid that grows into a waterfall.

Use sharp scissors to cut the small hanging orchid, or take it lightly with your hands,

Plant the small sprinkler into the new flower pot, pour the water once, and the soil is loose.

Put the sprinkling orchid in the place where astigmatism ventilation, and slowly take root after 1-2 weeks.


After the aloe grows up, it will easily grow a lot of small aloe vera in the place where the rhizomes are connected, and it will become a large pot.

If your pot is too small and there are too many small aloe vera, you can consider dividing the basin, the entire pelvis of the aloe aloe family, and separate the small aloe from the mother plant.

Re -plant the divided aloe in the basin. Don’t be too dense. Pay attention to the small aloe with a few roots, which is easier to survive.

Aloe vera loves light, but the just grown aloe should be placed in the environment of astigmatism and ventilation. Do not water too much.

Babies, do you know which good “raw” plants

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