These flowers look dead, but they are still alive. I can bloom next year

Come to a pair

1 How to spend summer

1. In mid -to -late May, the flowering period of the Corilla is over. At this time, watering can be stopped to let the pot soil dry naturally. After the leaves fall off, put the flower pot with breeding balls in the cool and ventilated indoors. You can.

2. Generally, the ball placed in the cool and ventilated place does not need to be watered. When it is very dry to see the pot soil, you can give a little water along the pot, so that the pot soil is a bit humid. There is a state of moisture but not moist. Remember not to fertilize during dormancy.

2 How to re -flower

When the temperature is reduced to less than 20 ° C, the roots of the fermery will naturally wake up, come up with small buds, and grow new leaves. You can use the potting method to water the stems and leaves to absorb water; you can also remove the old leaves and light it under the scattered light. At the same time, the phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can be applied.


1 Lily how to spend summer summer

1. If you find that the lily in the home has begun to bloom, then cut off the residual flowers and leave the leaves. You can trim it according to the location shown in the figure.

2. Watering and fertilizing afterwards, so that the ball of the lily flower can use the photosynthetic effect of the leaves to absorb more nutrients, which is conducive to re -flower. After the leaves are completely withered, cut off the ground.

3. After trimming, pour a 0.3 % potassium permanganate solution once, and place it in a cool and ventilated place, such as the north balcony with good ventilation. You can usually keep the pot soil wet. Essence

2 How to resume flowers

In the spring of the following year, dig out the ball, then perform a branch, leave those full and healthy breeding balls, cut off those unhealthy breeding balls, and then wait for the wound to dry After that, water the water once, put it under the scattered light for a week, and ensure that the light is sufficient in the future.

Flower hair

1 How to spend summer

After blooming flowers, the flowers and hair are gradually entering the dormant period. During this time, if the operation is properly operated, it can be re -blooming in autumn.

1. After the flowers, cut off the stems of the residual flowers in time, and the stems and leaves above the ground should be cut off. Then use 0.2 % potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution to fill the roots to prepare for Du Xia. After the stems and leaves are withered, the flower hair is entered the dormant period, and the flower pot is transferred to the cool and ventilated place.

(Author: Graduation Freedom 2009 Source: Flower Fish 茛)

2. Stop fertilizing and watering. When you are sunny, dig out the roots carefully, then clean the soil on the surface, cut off the root of the diseased damage, rinse it with water, soak it in a bacterial solution 2- 2- 2- 2- 3 minutes, then dry it in a cool place.

3. Put the roots of the flower hair in the bamboo basket, a pore carton or a ventilated container, add a layer of waterproof paper to it, but the thickness cannot exceed 20cm, and store it in a cool and dry place.

2 The method of germination of flower hair

1. In the spring of the next year, prepare something like a plastic bottle, lay a layer of 1-2cm thick perlite at the bottom of the container, or sand, and then place the claws of the flower hair on the perlite, and then lay a layer of pearls. The rock is completely covered with the flowers of the flower hair, and the position of the light outside cannot be seen, and then the water is sprayed with a watering pot to make the perlite and the flower hair tapped into the water.

2. Put the plastic bottle in the refrigerator, the temperature is about 5 °, so that the flower and hair can absorb water in a humid environment for three days. If the perlite is too dry, you can spray more water.

3. About 7 days, the roots can grow central buds and white roots, and can be planted. The white root must not exceed 1cm, otherwise the planting will not be easy to survive.

(Author: Cai Tong Source: Tibetan Flower Pavilion)


1 How to spend summer incense

After removing the residual flowers, the amount of watering of tulip is gradually reduced until the leaves are all naturally yellow, remove the yellow leaves, and then dig out the ball, soak it with a bacterial spirit, and use the sand collection method.

Put the fine sand after disinfection into a cushion of about 10cm, then put the lumps of the tulip on it, and then cover the dry fine sand of about 5cm, then put it in the roots of the ball, stacked one layer by layer, so that the tulip ball breeding ball Can be stored evenly in fine sand.

3. After burning the ball, you need to spray water on the sand with the watering pot to keep the sand slightly moist, and you don’t need to fertilize.

2 How to resume flowers in tulip

Dig out the seeds stored in the sand collection method and re -plant them in the flower pot, and soon can re -sprout and re -flower.

About the summer method of ball root plants,

Methods of dormant during dormancy, re -flower,

Today, Huahua will introduce here first,

Hope you all the flowers at home,

Can spend summer in peace!

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