These kinds of flower gods are, the more you forget to water, the more flowers!

1 sun flower

The sun flowers can’t be killed again. It is a legendary flower that will not die in the legend. When no one cares, it can open the mountains.

It is very resistant to drought. It is okay without watering for half a month. There are few pests and insect pests. It does not pick up soil and fertilizer. It is important that blooming is also good -looking.

The solar flower raised by the family is placed on the balcony. It is okay to forget to water for a while. It can bloom very beautiful flowers by itself and give it a little bit of dihydrogen phosphate, and it can open the pot!

2 Desert Rose

Desert roses, listen to its name, can summarize its preferences and characteristics. The roses blooming in the desert are naturally drought -resistant and beautiful!

The trunk of the desert rose is relatively expanded, which is rich in water, so even if it forgets to water it for a month, it will not die.

Family planting desert roses, as long as it gives it sufficient sunlight, there is nothing to pay attention to. Desert roses prefer phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Usually half a month or January poured it with potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution, it will soon open a pot!

30,000 Shouju

The name of Wan Shouju is very auspicious at first heard. It not only sounds good, but also looks good, but also very good!

There is no place to pay attention to the maintenance of Wan Shouju. It is a very easy to feed grass and flowers. As long as there is sunlight, a little water can make it grow freely and bloom in full bloom.

Family to raise Wanshouju, you need to put it on the South Bowl with a good light and pour water once a month. Of course, forgot to water in a short time, it will not die.

4 girchia

As long as the geranium is well -maintained, it is very easy to open the pot. It is native to southern Africa and is very drought -resistant.

During the maintenance process of geranium, excessive watering is strictly prohibited. Generally, the rotten roots are caused by too much watering. Spring is the peak season of geranium, pour water once every 5 or 6 days. Of course, forgot to water in a short time, it will not die.

During the maintenance process of geranium, the most important thing to pay attention to is light. Successful light can promote the differentiation of geranium buds before blooming.

If the geraniums in the flower friends do not open, most of them are because of insufficient light. It is recommended to put the geranium on the South Bowl and the south window sill to maintain it. It is best to expose it.

5 salamander

The grown grass is also more resistant to drought, it is better to raise, and the soil is not picked, and the ordinary pastoral soil can make it grow well.

In the family maintenance of the slurry grass, it needs to give it sufficient sunlight. The better it is, the more prosperous it is, and the monthly dihydrogen phosphate solution is poured in it, which can make it bloom better.

These flowers look good and drought -resistant,

Do flower friends like it?

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