These leaves on the roadside can be used for dumplings, do you know?

箬 箬 箬 箬 箬

The vast number of compatriots in the south should eat the rice dumplings made of bamboo leaves. The bamboo leaves are wide and soft and tough.

Bamboo leaves for buns

Put the dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves


Bamboo is not very long in the north, that is, the long leaves can’t grow so much. What is the dumplings in the north? That’s the reed leaves!

Reed leaves for buns

(Author: Suisuo Fish Source: Sina Blog)

Dumplings wrapped with reed leaves

(Author: Suisuo Fish Source: Sina Blog)


The rice dumplings wrapped in the leaves of the crickets are the most eaten by Huahua ~ But most of this kind of rice dumplings are distributed in the southern part of Lubon ~ Most of the rice dumplings wrapped in the leaves are rectangular, but the rice dumplings on the side of the flower are The pyramid -shaped, but the bottom is the rectangular type (unfortunately not found the picture).

Baozi cricket leaves

(Author: Bulekiller Source: Baidu Know)

Dumplings wrapped in leafs

(Author: Qingfeng)

Corn leaf

The corn leaves are also very large, and the rice dumplings are properly used, but the flowers are not using the leaves, but the layer of skin outside the corn stick!

The corn skin used for buns

Put the rice with corn leather

(Author: Jerrysh44 Source: Food Library)


Lukedou tree is a tropical tree species. Flowers in Hainan, Guangdong may have eaten this kind of rice dumplings ~ Moreover, the rice dumplings wrapped out with Lukedou trees are as thick as an arm … Don’t believe in pictures!

(Author: Gongcheng Chu Source: Baidu knows)


The steamed rice dumplings in Zhaoqing, Guangdong are 柊 leaves. Although it is a plant of the sea family, there is no poison ~

Dumplings with 柊 用 用

Bamboo shoot skin

In addition to the bamboo leaves, bamboo shoots and bamboo tubes of bamboo can be used as dumplings ~ Just say that the rice dumplings made of bamboo tube may not be convenient to eat, and the skin is too hard!

The rice dumplings made by bamboo shoot peel

Lotus leaf

Lotus leaves are often used to wrap things, and dumplings are definitely no exception ~ And with lotus leaf wrapped rice dumplings, there will be a very good flavor!

The dumplings of the lotus leaf bag-lotus leaf glutinous rice chicken ~

(Author: Scarlettchu Source: Doudou Food)

Coconut leaf

The dumplings wrapped in coconut leaves have never been seen before. It should be the practice of Hainan. The wrapped appearance is like the following figure!

Coconut leaves are like this

Dumplings wrapped in coconut leaves

Banana leaf

Banana leaves are big, how big is it? One person stands behind the banana leaves to block half of this. In Yunnan, Guangxi, Hainan and other places, there are many areas to use banana leaves as dumplings, and the most dumplings with banana leaves are actually Vietnam.

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