These nine kinds of flowers are difficult to grow to death.

The beautiful hibiscus with the sun

Flower in summer is the little hibiscus. Because it is not only resistant to the sun, but also has a lot of flowering, it is continuously blooming almost all summer, and it can decorate the home at home every day!

Daily maintenance:

1. Be sure to put in a place with good indoor light, such as South balcony or southern window sill. If you have conditions, you can put it outdoors and receive sufficient light.

2. Watering must be timely, pour water once 3-5 days to ensure that the pot soil is slightly moist.

3. If you want to bloom more, you need to fertilize more. About once a week of fertilization, you can use homemade rice and peel water, or you can use the fertilizer bought.

Blue Snowflakes with long sun -resistant and flowering period

To say that in the summer, it is both beautiful and good -looking. When many flowers entered the dormant period in the summer, blue snowflakes were constantly blooming, which is simply a flowering machine in summer!

Main points of maintenance:

1. It is usually placed on a well -lit south or east and west balcony.

2. When the temperature is high, watering is more, and it must be poured once in about 2-3 days, otherwise the leaves are lacking and the leaves are pulled.

3. Usually you can apply rotten bean cake fertilizer once a week to ensure that the blue snow flowers is large and large!

Sunflower that is durable and blooming

When it comes to the flowering and drought -resistant flowers, the first thing Huahua thinks must be the sun flower! This is also called a flower that can’t be dead, even in the high temperature environment of 40 ° C, it is constantly blooming!

Daily maintenance:

1. Put it in a place with good light for maintenance, the more blooming, the more you bloom.

2. Watering the sun flowers should be poured in time in time, and it must be poured once every 3-5 days. Each watering must be poured through.

3. You don’t need to fertilize, as long as the large water and the sun can grow well!

Yin and burst of cubs with cubs

There may not be such a good light at home, so Huahua has to recommend some of the flowers to you. The first thing to say is Huahua’s favorite Schilan!

Daily maintenance:

1. Dri Lanxi is semi -yin, and can be kept in the living room, north balcony and other places. Do not put it in the South Bowl directly. Responsible for the tip in minutes!

2. Pour water once 4-7 days. When you see the blades curl, you are short of water, and you can do it directly.

3. In autumn, it is when it grows, and it can apply rotten liquid fertilizer once in about half a month. Like Phnom Penh Chiaoli and Jinxin Schilan, try to apply nitrogen fertilizer as little as possible, otherwise the pattern will easily disappear.

Yin tolerance, good means good sailing

Many people have a pot of smooth sailing, not only because of its good morals, but also because it is very yin and resistant. Even if the light at home is not good, it can grow particularly prosperous!

Daily maintenance:

1. Sailing is smooth and shade, as long as there is scattered light at home, it can grow well, so put it in the living room, north balcony and other places.

2. Pour water once every 3-5 days.

3. If the smooth sailing of the Tu Pei is always rotten, you can turn the soil to hydroponic, and usually add some nutrient solution, which is still prosperous!

Yinjin and peaceful rich bamboo

In the hydroponic flowers, Huahua’s favorite is rich bamboo, not only because it is resistant to yin and easy to raise, but also has the meaning of flowers and richness and bamboo newspapers. Therefore, it is loved by many flower buddies.

Daily maintenance:

1. Fugui bamboo is very shade -resistant. Usually, as long as it is placed in a bright living room and on the balcony, it can grow well!

2. The wealthy bamboo of hydroponics will be changed once 3-5 days, otherwise it will be easy to rot.

3. When changing water, you can add 0.2 % iron sulfate or rusty iron nails to the hydroponic bottle, which can allow rich bamboo to avoid yellow leaves.

Drought resistance, good feed tigerpi orchid

When Huahua went out a few days ago, Tiger Pilan did not water Tigerpi, but Tiger Pilan still looks good. Therefore, in the aspect of drought tolerance, Tiger Pilan is really one of the best!

Daily maintenance:

1. Tiger Pilan can grow in a full -day and semi -yin environment, but the light is too dim but can cause the leaves to be unlike, so it can usually be placed in the South balcony or the living room.

2. Pour water once in about 7-10 days to ensure that the pot soil is dry and then poured, otherwise more water will cause the leaves to whiten.

3. Tiger Pilan is particularly easy to explode. As long as you cut a piece of leaves into the soil, you can quickly explode the pot!

Longevity flowers with drought resistance and long flowering period

The leaves of longevity flowers contain more water, so it is more resistant to drought. Once the water is too much, it is easy to rot the roots!

Daily maintenance:

1. Longevity flowers need to expose the sun to bloom more. After the autumn, let Changshouhua receive at least 4 hours a day, otherwise it will affect flowering.

2. Watering, pour it once every 5-8 days, and touch the place 2cm from the surface of the pot soil.

3. If you want to bloom more longevity flowers, you need to fertilize 2-3 times a month. You can use rotten bean cake fertilizer and rice water to pour flowers.

Copper coins that are resistant to waterlogging and bursting pots

In the impression of Huahua, copper coins should be a very good flower. It is particularly like water. Once the stems are missing, they have to be pulled!

Daily maintenance:

1. If you want copper coins well, sufficient light is essential. Put the copper coins on the south or window sill and let it receive a large sun, which is easier to explode!

2. Coppercurus is not afraid of waterlogging, no matter how much water is poured, it is completely a flower for lazy people!

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