These plants are called roses

Porcelain rose

Porcelain roses are ginger lotus, which is a relatively large herb. The shape of the flowers is somewhat similar to the rose. The red color looks like a burning torch.

In fact, it has nothing to do with roses, just because the flower type is a bit similar.

Christmas rose

Christmas roses are a kind of flower full of mysterious colors. It has nothing to do with the rose itself, because the flowering time is around Christmas, so it is called Christmas roses.

In fact, the first time I saw it in a film and television drama, the value of the potted Christmas roses was also very good.

Mountain rose

Mountain roses are one of the succulents. The shape of its entire plant is very similar to roses. Lotus -shaped leaves are arranged layer by layer, which is a bud with roses to be placed. But it is not so amazing.

The temperament of mountain roses is very elegant, so it has also been very popular in recent years.

Small ball rose

The small ball rose is also called the dragon blood scene, and the shape is more delicate and delicate.

Small ball roses are usually green, but with the change of light and temperature, it presents purple -red, and the plant type will become more beautiful. Its ornamental is still very good. But be careful to avoid its length.

Desert Rose

Desert roses are a kind of fleshy with a unique ornamental. Because the origin is closer to the desert, and when flowering, the flowers are exquisite and bright like roses, so it is called a desert rose. Its scientific name is called Tianbaohua. Desert roses are also a more popular indoor breeding succulent.

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