These plants bloom all chocolate flavor


Chocolate Posonia is a kind of red flowers, and it exudes a strong taste of chocolate.

Chocolate Persia chrysanthemum likes to grow well and warm growth environment. When breeding, it is necessary to keep the pot soil moist. Chocolate Persia chrysanthemums are usually growing in warm areas and can be slightly cold. It is a plant that is easy to breed.


Chocolate flowers are very like weeds. It blooms orange flowers and has the taste of chocolate.

Chocolate flowers are a good honey source plant.

Chocolate mint

Chocolate mint can be cultivated potted, which will emit the aroma of chocolate and can be eaten.

Chocolate mint maintenance is simple. It likes scattered light and grows all year round.

Chocolate flavor orchid

Orchids are beautiful, and the orchids with chocolate flavor are even more amazing. In fact, orchids with chocolate flavor can attract insects to pollinate it.

Generally, it is cultivated in places with good ventilation and bright light to maintain higher humidity.

Wuye Mutong

Five -leaf Muitong is a kind of vines with a strong growth. It has a delicate flowering and has the taste of chocolate. If potted planting, you can grow up. I prefer light, but in summer, shade should be properly shaded.

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