These small objects can be made of flower pots, do you know?

Coconut shell flower pot

Open the coconut, dig out the coconut meat, and pour a few water -transparent holes at the bottom of the coconut shell, and you can use it to plant flowers.

Puppet flower pot

There is a sack bag in the family. Do not throw it. Fill in the soil. It can also be used to plant flowers. This strong rural style has a taste.

Bucket flower pot

The mineral water barrel bought by the supermarket is a flower pot.

Basketball flower pot

The child’s bad basketball is cut into two flower pots in half, and a hole in the bottom to hang up.

Bubble hydroponic

Is the broken light bulb at home used to make hydroponic containers?

Red wine

Use a knife to dig a hole on the red wine wood, plant small plants, and the mini pot is out.

Red wine box

Do not throw red wine and wooden boxes. It is convenient and practical for planting flowers.

Bottle flower pot

After drinking the wine bottle, you can simply handle it, and you can plant flowers. Transparent glass has a different kind of beauty.

Iron pot

The small iron pots, small iron barrels at home are used to make flower pots, is it even more trendy?

Newspaper nursery box

If you have newspapers at home, you can simply make a seedling box. After the seeds germinate, you can plant the seeds and the newspaper together in a flower pot.

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