These small things everywhere, pick it up to raise flowers, really earn a lot.

Stone: Be careful with hydroponics

Usually go out, walk to the river, and when the seaside, you can pick up a few pieces of stones in hand, 1-3 cm in diameter.

Soak sterilization and disinfection in boiling water.

Flower soil cultivation can be used to fix the root system. Beautiful cobblestone also makes hydroponic flowers beautiful ~

Liu Zhi: Root a little capable

Pick up some willow branches, don’t need to be too thick, cut into small segments, smash it with a bluntware such as hammer, put it in a container, soak it with water for 24 hours.

It is used for cuttings of flowers such as spidering orchids, green dill, longevity, rose, and azaleas.

Soak the cuttings as rooted water before cutting, cutting at the bottom for 8-12 hours, cuttings are easier to survive!

The willow branches contain natural salicylic acid, which promotes the root of the plant to germinate, enhance the photosynthetic effects, and use the soaked water to promote the leaves of the plants and the leaves of the leaves.

Sand: cuttings

Granules such as vermiculite and perlite do not need to be bought. The roadside, the sand on the construction site grabs a lot, get home a little, wash it, expose sterilization, or soak it with a bacterial spirit for half an hour. Add some flowers and soil to prevent the plants from rotting the roots. If there are flower friends raising succulents, it is also a good choice with sand instead of granular soil.

The sand is placed in the bottom with a container with permeable holes. When cutting, insert the cuttings in, pour water, put it on a flourishing tray, and wait for rooting ~

Rooting quickly, about 20-40 days, transplanting the pot after rooting.

Since raising flowers, picking around the roadside, all of which are raising! It’s really a lot of money if you don’t spend money!

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