These small things on the roadside are the secret weapons of my flowers.

Pine needle

The benefits of pine needles

The pine needle is a hidden master of flowers. It can be padded with the bottom of the basin or pad the surface of the pot. The root system is super powerful.

How to raise flowers?

1. Pine needle padding bottom

Dans the pine needle for a few days or spray pesticides. When planting flowers, put the pine needle directly on the bottom of the pot, about 3-5 cm thick, and then fill in the soil and plant flowers. The texture of the pine needle is soft, and the pads are on the bottom of the pot. The drain is breathable, which can greatly reduce the chance of flowering rotten roots. It is suitable for most flowers such as succulent, Clivia, orchid.

2. Pine needle pavement noodles

The pine needle can also be spread on the basin surface, which has a certain moisturizing and breathable effect. At the same time, the component of the pine needle itself also has the effect of inhibiting bacterial growth, which can reduce the diseased and insect pests of flowers. Of course, before using a pine needle, it is best to cook it or blanch it with boiling water to kill the insect eggs.

3. Pine needles do nutritional soil

Collect pine needles, wet them, and then put them in dark plastic bags, seal, and place them under the sun.

It will be rotten in about 2-3 months in the summer. After rotten, exposure to sterilization, and then plant flowers according to the pine needle: garden soil = 1: 2.

Earthworm dung

The benefits of earthworm dung cultivation

Many places have been raining in a row recently, and many friends complained that their flowers have been damaged by rain! In fact, it is also good for rain, and there are many earthworm dung on the ground after the rain.

Earthworm dung is rich in organic matter and beneficial bacteria, but it is a great flower farming material, and there is no odor, water retention and breathability, and the flowers are not sick. Flowers quickly go to the park and pick up some havities!

How to raise flowers for earthworm manure?

1. Put on the pot

The earthworm manure that is picked can be placed directly on the potted surface of potted flowers. With each watering, the organic matter in the earthworm manure will penetrate into the soil with the water to absorb the plant. Moly, not hurt at all.

2. Mix it in the soil

When planting flowers, you can also directly plant the earthworm manure and garden soil according to the ratio of 1: 3. In this way, you do n’t have to fertilize it in 2 years, and the flowers are still leafy green.


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