These ten kinds of succulents can support children!

Snow lotus

Snow lotus is resistant to drought, fear of water, and during the maintenance process, pay more attention to ventilation, moderate watering, and adhere to the principle of drying and wetness. In addition, it is important to note that do not fertilize during dormancy.

Black prince

Don’t look at the black prince, but the aura is very strong. The appearance looks like a blooming black lotus, so it is loved by many people.

Black Prince is also one of the succulents that are very good. During the growth process, the time for light is required, but it does not require too much watering or too much fertilization. Just take care of it.


Opinana won a praise for its cute and fresh appearance. A touch of pink stained on the tip of the leaves is like the shy girl’s face on her face, which makes people love.

Opinana is suitable for dry and warm growth environment. Therefore, during the maintenance process, it needs to pay attention to temperature in winter. In addition, Opinana has a good water storage ability because of the leaves, so I do not need too much watering. When watering, pay attention. If you do not water it, watering should be poured through.


Debbie’s blade color changes with the season and growth environment. In normal conditions, most of them are pink. Pink Debbie, Meng Meng, looks super pleasing. Unlike most fleshy, Debbie needs to pay attention to shading in summer. In daily maintenance, it needs to be ventilated at any time.

Ji Xing Beauty

Ji Xingmei’s leaves will be particularly glorious under the sun, very beautiful. Ji Xing Beauty is not only resistant to drought, but also cold -resistant. In summer, it may be necessary to cover it. Said, it is still very good.

Purple rice granules

Its breeding ability is really strong. As long as the drop -off branches are put into the flower pot, it can almost live. In addition, the appearance of the purple rice grains also likes it especially. It looks very cute and playful, and it will bloom pink flowers, and it feels cute!

The main thing to pay attention to purple rice grains is watering. Watering should not have any big problems.


Buddha beads are suitable for dry and cool growth environment. Avoid stuffy and waterlogging. In addition, it is necessary to mention that the beads must be prevented from drizzling, otherwise the phenomenon of rotten stems will occur!


The popularity of Hongzhiyu is definitely not covered, and the cute and beautiful appearance is loved by many people.

Or red or green meat leaves, it looks adorable, the jade jade is not afraid of exposing the sun, it is not necessary to shade in the hot summer in time, and it can also be cold to resist. The color of the leaves of the rainbow jade will change with the degree of sunlight. The more the sun, the more rosy the color, is it very interesting?

Bo Xue Wannian Cao

Bo Xue Wannian Grass should be considered very special in fleshy. It is cold -resistant, but it is very afraid of heat, dry and humidity, and it is also very interesting. You need to pay attention to shading in summer. You can accept light in other seasons. In addition In the process of breeding, paying attention to ventilation is also very important!

Well, I talked about ten kinds of succulents such a cute, I hope to provide you with some choices, and raise it quickly!

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