These three flowers are addicted once, and can no longer quit


(Author: Mint loli Source: Sina Weibo) Maintenance points 1: Endless summer and summer must not be short of water. Watering can be watered almost a day, and the potted plants need to be watered for 2 to 3 days. Otherwise, the leaves are pulled down. ~

(Author: Mint loli Source: Sina Weibo) Maintenance points 2: Do not excessive sunlight, hydrangea is not tolerant, as long as the sun is guaranteed to wither, so it should be shaded at noon in summer ~

(Author: Mint loli Source: Sina Weibo) Maintenance points 3: The ventilation must be good, otherwise the hydrangea is easy to rot. Put it on the open -air balcony, or open the windows on the balcony.

(Author: Houye99 Source: Sina Weibo) Maintenance points 4: The hydrangea eats fertilizer, but if you do n’t eat thick fertilizer, you must apply thin fat. The rotten cake fertilizer water is 1:50 at half a month.

(Author: Wen Dao Xiaotu Source: Sina Weibo)


(Author: Wen Dao Xiaotu Source: Sina Weibo) Maintenance points 1: Proper shade at noon in summer, the rose is afraid of the sun exposure, and the flowers will be exposed to the sun at noon in summer.

(Author: Houye99 Source: Sina Weibo) Maintenance points 2: Watering more, water in the summer of the summer must be poured once in the morning and evening, and the potted planting should be less, but it takes 2 to 3 days to pour water. At the same time, spray water on the leaves of the rose every day.

(Author: Source of Phenomenon: Sina Weibo) Maintenance points 3: Fertilizer should be less or not fertilized. Some plants that are relatively strong and more flowers can be used for thin cake fertilizer water once in half a month.

(Author: September September Source: Sina Weibo) Maintenance points 4: Pruning, cutting off the flowers of the rose in time to avoid consuming more nutrients.

(Author: Hua-L Source: Sina Weibo) Maintenance points 5: Preventing diseases and insect pests. Summer is a high incidence of rose pests. Instead of treatment after the onset, it is better to prevent it in advance. , Multiococcus and potassium permanganate water solution alternately to avoid drug resistance.


(Author: Mi Mi Tong Source: Sina Weibo) Normal growth in summer: Example: Long petal (blue bird, pink maca, Cecil). Evergreen (early spring, silver coins, apple flowers). Montana (pink rose, green eyes, superstar) maintenance: 1. Normal management, watering see dry and wet, but the amount of evaporation in summer is relatively large, which can increase the frequency of watering. And some long -petal varieties cannot be rained. 2. Spray red spiders and thrips for half a month to avoid insect pests.

(Author: Ren Wuren Six Aquarius Source: Sina Weibo) For example, it can be resurrected: Italy (purple cloud, violet star, super Jack, Margaret Handt). Maintenance (such as ancient, Dulan, Wu Ji, and Aliu) maintenance: Pruning, after the first batch of these varieties is finished, all the nodes that have been bloomed are cut off. After about 1 month, you can bloom again. La!

(Author: Dogz Pig Source: Sina Weibo) Summer dormant varieties Example: F series (utine, memories, blessings), common varieties include small green, fantasy purple, Miss Kyoko, Casles, etc. Conservation: 1. Cut the residual flowers after flowering, leaving only branches and leaves. 2. Don’t give any fertilizer, there is no problem with rain. 3. The specific manifestation of dormant is that the leaves are yellow and black. After dormant, we can cut short branches and cut off the dead leaves. It is generally recommended that you trim branches around the end of August, because at this time, the F series is about to step out of the dormant period.

(Author: Yellow River Code Source: Sina Weibo) For example of blooming in early spring: pink champagne, bee love, fairy seat, crystal fountain, Josephine, Wo Jin beauty, ice beauty, Aisha and other maintenance: 1. Cut the residual flowers after the flowers, and the branches that have been opened can also be cut off. 2. The medium of iron line lotus must be breathable, otherwise it is prone to high incidence and withering. You can choose coconut bran with the soil ratio. 3. Pattipation 1. Putty 1, perlite 1, and a large medium such as pottery grains, bark. 3. After about 1 month, new branches will germinate. At this time, pay attention to the pests and pests of new branches. Once you find it, you should quickly cut it off, and then spray the medicine. If these new leaf buds develop well, maybe it can be blossomed ~

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