These three types of thorny plants are suitable for them to make fences!


Simply spy pear is a more common shrub. It is not very large, but it is very suitable for fences. Although the body is stabbing, it is also a beautiful symbol. After watching it, I can’t help but have a sense of embrace of nature. The flowers are bright and elegant red, full of enthusiasm, like a bright little girl, the fruit is mostly yellow, which looks deep and elegant. You can experience it all year round and four seasons. Different feelings, this is the fresh experience that the pear is given to us.


There is no obvious thorns on the flowers and rhizomes of Fengwei orchid, but the tip of the leaves of Fengweilan is like a thorn. From a distance, the flowers from Fengwei Orchids are like a layer of layer. Another layer of needle -like blades are wrapped. The flowers of this plant show beautiful and pure white. When it is not blossoming, its leaves are also green colors, which are very beautiful and moving.

Bamboo leaf peppercorns

Bamboo leaf peppercorns, you can say that he is a small tree and can also be said to be shrubs. As the name suggests, the leaves of bamboo leaf pepper and the leaves of bamboo look very similar, but the small thorns on the back of the leaves of bamboo leaf peppercorns will grow one by one. And with the age of bamboo leaf peppercorns, some small thorns will grow on the stems. Unfortunately, I have not found blooming on the peppercurry trees until now. If you find flowers, please tell me. Essence

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