These two plants on the flower bed are happy in the end!


When it comes to flower bed flowers, first of all, we can plant short -handed glory. This kind of plant prefers the warm sunlight environment. Its leaves are relatively emerging. Some lines on their surface are plants with high ornamental. When planting short -handed glory, cultivate the seedlings in advance. When the leaves reach five or six, they can be planted into the flower bed. After the seedlings grow to a suitable height, they can topical it to control its height. After that, fertilization is performed every two weeks, and a small amount of phosphorus fertilizer is applied during flowering to promote its better growth.

A string of red

A bunch of red flowers that bloom beautifully around October. The flowers can usually bloom for two months. The color of the flowers is mostly red and white. A string of red is a kind of chills. It likes to grow in places with sufficient sunlight and grow in a relatively cool environment. When the temperature is too low, the leaves will fall yellow, and the flowers and leaves will shrink when the temperature is too high. A string of red needs to grow better in a loose and fertile soil. A string of red seasons in the early summer season can be planted separately when the seedlings grow to a certain degree. It is usually planted in the flower pot in the winter in winter. After the winter is over, the cutting method is used to plant it into the flower bed, and it will grow up soon.

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