Those flowers suspected to from Africa


African 做, also known as African Violet, is really native to Africa. It was later introduced to Europe, America and my country, and the scope of planting became wide. It has a high face value and is loved by the majority of flower friends.

African chrysanthemum

African chrysanthemum is also called Fulanghua. It is native to South Africa and is also distributed in Asia. It is a very famous flower, a well -known cut flower in the world, placed at home, youth and sunlight.

African Fengxian

African Fengxian is also called Sudan Fengxian. It is originally produced in eastern Africa and has a strong bloom. It is a very popular decorative pot flower.

African ice grass

African ice plants are distributed in Asian and African and European regions. In fact, compared to viewing, its edible effect is higher. It has a very good taste and rich nutrition.

African Overlord Tree

African Overlord Tree is a succulent plant and is native to Africa. The African tyrants look at a lot of thorns, but it is also beautiful when it blooms, and it will bloom white -like flowers.

African Jasmine

African jasmine has nothing to do with Africa. Its real name is Gray, but some merchants selling flowers give it a name called Africa Jasmine for goodness.

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