Those fraud -related tricks

Those scam -related plants: roses sold in the flower shop

The gorgeous “rose” is the best way to express love. However, our common “rose” is not a rose deity. The real roses are purple. The branches are full of spines. The petals are thin. And we believe that real roses are actually common roses in life.

Those frauds related to plants: Flower Shop

We usually see purple -blue in the flower shop, and the calyx is dry. Real forgetfulness grows above the mountains is a rare stunner, which makes people unforgettable at first sight.

Those scam -related plants: Claimonians osmanthus

Merchants often use such a manner to deceive consumers, grafting the flaws of osmanthus on the old tree of the tassel tree, and use it as a gimmick, called it a century -old osmanthus.

Those fraud -related tricks: wearing heart lotus

As we all know, wearing heart lotus can be used as important, and it has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. However, there is a big difference between our daily restaurants and the real lotus wearing lotus. The real lotus lotus is thin, the leaves are thin, the branches and leaves are large, and the light purple flowers are opened. What we see in the restaurant is a veritable dipping sauce -dew.

Those scam -related plants: Fairy palm absorption of radiation

I do n’t know when, the cactus has the ability to absorb radiation in the eyes of everyone. Many people will buy a pot to put it next to the computer, but no scientific research has shown that the cactus has a stronger ability to absorb radiation than other plants.

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