Those who can’t raise flowers, recommend these 8 kinds for you, we blame me!

1. Super drought -tolerant fairy ball

Is it that the fairy ball is also raised by you, and you know that someone will say so, and it is mostly because you have watering too much. This plant living in the desert can grow a little water. Give water once a month to ensure that it looks good.

2. Aloe vera of one thing and multiple things

Speaking of aloe vera, everyone will definitely think that it can be beautiful. In fact, it is not only beauty. It can also eat itching and itching. Aloe vera, Huahua has never seen someone who is raised. Like the cactus, it is very resistant to drought. Give some water, novice to raise flowers, you can choose it!

3. Green Luo with the air

The effect of purifying the air is very good. It can be hydroponic and soil. If you are a flower killer, the flowers suggest that you still have hydroponic.

4. Greening home rich bamboo

Fugui bamboo is a must -have for lazy people in the home environment. When you buy it, you can take root in the water, especially in summer, the temperature is high, and the root is fast. At the beginning of the hydroponic, there will be yellow leaf phenomenon. Just cut it with scissors and place it in the scattered light.

5. The sun flower that is not dead

Children can feed flowers. If you have to die again, it will not be able to say. The sun flower is also called an immortal bird, but how to toss and it can’t die. It can be long with water and light, and it is very extensive to manage.

6. Desert rose without watering

Desert rose is native to Africa, and there is very little demand for water. If you are dew, let it eat by the sky. If indoor maintenance, give more water in summer, no shade, the stronger the light, the better.

7. The tiger tail orchid of a strong life

Tiger -tail orchid is resistant to drought and yin. It doesn’t matter if you forget to water, it doesn’t matter if the light is insufficient. The adaptability is particularly strong. It can also absorb the harmful temperament of formaldehyde in the room. It is also the gospel of flowers and killers.

8. Swallow palm without management

Swallow palm is also one of the best potted plants. Usually there is almost no need to manage it. Just see it when you see it.

Come and talk about you have raised several kinds

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