Thousands of red farming methods and precautions

Thousands of red farming methods

Illumination requirements

Thousands of red likes sunshine, during the maintenance process, to ensure a direct sunlight of not less than 4 hours a day. The maintenance location cannot be too shaded, otherwise the plant grows slow, the color is dim. If you have a day red seedlings, just once, you can use the fluorescent lamp to fill the light.

Water fertilizer requirements

Thousands of red like slight wet, divergeless soil environment, more drought, and do not do not yain. In the small seedlings, especially in the long leaves, appropriate control watering is properly controlled, and the amount of watering can be appropriately increased, ensuring normal growth.

Thousands of red fertilizers, in addition to adding sufficient base fertilizer in the soil while planting, growing a phosphorus fertilizer every half a month, not only promoting plant growth, but also enhances resistance, reducing dye.

Plastic surgery

The thousands of red growth quickly, when the seedlings were taken from 15 cm, they promoted their branches. Thereafter, it is determined whether or not the second pick, control strain and flown period are determined according to the growth of the plant. In addition, in time, the yellow, whipped blade is cut off, and it should be properly stiffened to ensure the aesthetics of the plant.

Thousands of red farming precautions

Flower management

After flowering, this is the stage that everyone is easy to ignore, mainly keeping the potter micro-tide, watering, not from top, avoiding flowers. Stop fertilization during the flowering, to ensure sufficient light. After the flower, the flowers were cut off and promoted the removal flow.


The thousands of red frequent yellow is a bitter, it is necessary to prevent it. Time to disinfect it before planting, and the bactericide is used in time.

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