Three major methods of cultivation of narcissus flowers

Narcissus hydroponic breeding

Hydroponic hydroponic flowers are the most common ways, choosing shallow flower pots. Wash the narcissus flowers, and the outer scales should be treated a more beautiful. Be careful not to damage the root system. After handling it, put it in the flowerpot and pour water for maintenance. Put it in a cool place and wait for it to take root, just take root in the sun.

When you are hydroponic, you should pay attention. It is best to change the water every day, and the water can be used to use tap water. Just keep soaking in the flower head when you change the water.

The soil cultivation method of narcissus flower

The soil cultivation of water protection flowers is not very common. When choosing the soil, use sparse humus soil to treat the bulbs of the water fairy flower before planting.

Put the soil in the flower pot, put the bulbs after putting on the part, and then continue to add soil to compact the soil. Then pour water, put it in a cool place, and wait until the bulbs grow out of the root system to make it contact with light.

Shatpefa’s maintenance of narcissus flower maintenance

Shapei method refers to the use of sand to cultivate Narcissus flowers. Choose clean fine sand and flower pots with better breathability. Put the sand into the flower pot, put the narcissus bulb in the pot, and then install the sand. Note that the water fairy head is going down, and the small stone is covered on the sand, which looks more beautiful.

After that, you should spend it in the cool one, and then contact the light.

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