Three mistakes of breeding stone flowers often make three mistakes


This kind of plant is originally growing in the less fertile land, so the body shape is relatively small, but there are always enthusiasts who are attached to it. This is unnecessary. In fact, the key is not a head when the raw stone flower is evaluated, but a more advanced factors such as its patterns. In addition, color is also one of the important factor, and it also includes its plant type, which is within the main observation range. Moreover, after a molting with fertilizer water can be urged with fertilizer water, it will lose its ornamental. Is it necessary to lose it?

Desperate to imitate the origin environment

Indeed, raw stone flowers are indeed discovered in the desert, but it cannot indicate that all environments in the desert are beneficial to it. The original environment was very bad, and it couldn’t imitate easily. Think from another perspective, is the survival ability of raw stone flowers in the desert growth? And then the plants in the barren environment will not be malnourished? The answer is naturally in your heart. Therefore, it is a wise decision to judge what is the best suitable for it. Then again, isn’t it for appreciation? Do you want to watch the dried little butt?

No watering

According to the above misunderstanding, everyone may have entered a new mistake, that is, they think that this plant can not water without watering. Even if there are no more rain, there will be fog and rain. You call it to be full of sunlight and not watering, which is obviously not feasible. However, occasionally watering, too much watering is inexhaustible.

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