Three plants with soil repair ability


Jasper makeup becomes a tree height, and tens of thousands of hanging green silk. These two sentences vividly depict the greenery of the green willow. The ornamental value of the willow tree is very high, and there are many varieties. In addition to the most common garden ornamental value, it also has good economic value. Because of its unique flexibility, the wicker can make many crafts and life supplies. Wood can usually be used to make paper and artificial cotton.

Scientists who treat soil pollution have found that willow trees can well absorb pollutants in the soil and transform them. Therefore, it has a good pollution treatment function and has a certain purification effect on the soil.


The trees of poplars are tall, straight, beautiful, and have good ornamental value. In many northern regions in my country, poppies are selected as sidewalk trees.

In addition to the value of ornamental, what I have to mention is the ecological protection function of poplars. The famous Sanbei protective forest is made by the poplar tree. It is precisely because of this characteristic that people have discovered the windshooting effect of poplars. In addition, poplars can effectively degrade harmful substances such as toluene in the soil, which has a great effect on the repair of the soil.


Sunflower’s patience is very easy to plant, and it is very easy to plant. In addition to the ornamental function we know on weekdays, and the value of edible value and economic value, what is most shocking is its purification value. However, it did not expect it to have a strong purification function to the soil. The sunflower could absorb the harmful heavy metals in its soil, and then volatilized and purified.

I want to say that there are still many plants that repair the soil repair function, but humans should not entrust their responsibilities to plants. The emissions of pollutants in the soil come from our industrialization development and protect soil resources. Responsibility, and the pollution itself is to reduce emissions.

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