Throw a small thing in the pot, and the flowers and plants will never recruit insects

plant ash

How to use 1. Prepare grass and wood ash (the gray ash is actually the remaining gray of plant materials such as burning straw). 2. Sprinkle the ash on the surface of the pot soil and spray a little water to let it open.


Prevention aphids, small black flying, snoting, etc.

Egg shell

How to use 1. Dry the eggshell. 2. After breaking the dried eggshell, sprinkle around the flowerpot, the snail will not climb into your flower pot ~ Because the broken egg shell will cut the snail to contact the ground!


Prevention of worm snails, snoting worms, etc.


How to use 1. Crush the camphor ball. 2. Sprinkle the broken end to the surface of the soil.


Prevention and mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, small white bugs in flower pots, etc.


How to use 1. Lighten mosquito coils. 2. Put it on the flower pot soil. 3. Put a bag of flowers and plants to wrap the flower pot (you can also lit in a closed room). 4. After the mosquito coils are burned out.


Prevention and treatment of pests such as red spiders and mosquitoes.

Fine sand

How to use 1. Before the summer arrives, spread a layer of fine sand on the surface of the plant to prevent small black flying on the soil. 2. But before paving fine sand, you must determine that there are no insect eggs in the soil ~ Choose specialized flower fertilizer or chemical fertilizer when fertilizing the flowers and plants, and do not need to make your own fertilizer. 3. Whether it is the soil you bought or digging out, you must spread out the exposure for 1-2 days after taking it back. If necessary, you can take 3 to 4 days to kill the insect eggs with high temperature. Then spread a layer of fine sand on the surface, you can eliminate the insect ~


It is effective to prevent small bugs from the small black flying and the soil.


How to use 1. Sprinkle a layer of salt on the surface of the flower pot. 2. If you are worried that salt will cause soil saline alkali, you can sprinkle salt around the flowerpot, or put a layer of paper at the bottom of the salt.


Prevention of worm snails, snoting worms, and so on.


How to use 1. Peel the garlic and smash it. 2. Bure the garlic into the soil.


Prevention ant ants, snails and so on.

Ginger powder

Use how to sprinkle a circle of ginger powder on the surface of the soil or around the flower pot. Prevention and treatment of pests such as nasal nose.



1. Prepare Fu Dan. 2. Dig a few small holes on the surface of the soil, and then bury the furaan dan into a few capsules. Drugs of the same type: Cordyceps, Flymamide, Le Fruit, Su Yun Golden, and so on.


Institute of prevention and treatment: Little Hei Fei, Thrus, Mosquito and so on.


1. Prepare ants. 2. Put the ant medicine in where the ants often have out, and put a few more pieces. The ants will move the medicine into one nest. After a period of time, the ant will disappear.

Prevention and treatment of pests: ants.


1. Prepare the insecticides for the killing of the case. The more commonly used and effective are the god of flower protection. 2. Put the Hua Hua God at a ratio of 1: 200. 3. Put the densely sprayed solution after the mixed solution. 4. If you spray it for a week, you can see the effect. If there is sporadic sagoa, you can choose alcohol to wipe it. Oh ~ ~


Prevention and treatment of pests: Garcracks, aphids and other common pests

Golden branches

1. Prepare golden branches (Laofufu, Dar Mito Ling, etc. are the same effect). 2. Pour the spiders dyed with red spiders and cut off the overlapping leaves to avoid spraying when spraying. 3. Tilt the flower pot 45 degrees, and then spray the medicine from bottom to top. Be sure to spray the bottom of all leaves and stems! 4. After spraying the back of the leaves, the flower pot is righteous, and then the front of the leaves can not be let go of any leaves and corners! 5. Two hours after spraying, the red spider should be killed. Some of the worm eggs that have not been killed have been sprayed again after 5-7 days. Generally, they are all killed.


Prevention and treatment of pests: red spider


Operation steps 1. Prepare 700ml of water. 2. Drop 2 drops of detergent into 700ml of water, pour it into the watering pot and shake it well. 3. Spray the sprayer near the plant near the soil. Spray wet!


The prevention and treatment of pests has a wonderful effect on aphids.

cut tobacco

Operation steps 1. There are smokers at home, soak the cigarette’s smoke. 2. Put into the paper cup into a part of the smoke, then fill it with water, soak for about 2 days. 3. When the flowers and plants are watered, it is good to use the tobacco leaves to water it. It can be clearly seen when pouring it once. 4, 3 ~ 4 days will be poured once again, which is basically almost the same. If you don’t worry, you can pour it for the third time ~

Prevention and treatment of common pests such as aphids and small Hei Fei have a good effect


How to use 1. Prepare cotton swabs and 75%concentration alcohol. 2. Dip alcohol with a cotton swab, and then wipe the area where the scale insects exist. The leaves, stems, and all should be wiped again, because the alcohol can not only go out of the gridworm adults, but even the insect eggs can be killed! 3. Check it after a period of time. If there is no best, if there is, it means that the first time is not cleaned up, then wipe it with alcohol again! However, this method is only suitable for rating worms.



How to use 1. Prepare beer or milk, a plastic cup.2. Bure the plastic cup into the soil. The mouth of the bottle is about 0.5cm from the soil, and beer is poured.3. After one night, you can see the snot soaked in beer and take it out to kill.


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