Title of cultural form


Orchid is one of the four gentlemen in the flower. It is one of the oldest flowers in China. It has the legend of planting orchid in the world. The ancients believe that the orchid “fragrance”, “flowers”, “leaf” three beautiful, and “quiet”, “Qingqing”, “God”, “Yunqing” four clear, is “ideal beauty, Wanhua magic”. Because of its clear character, he is loved by the literati.

Wen people’s favorite

The earliest gave orchid a certain humanistic spirit is Confucius, according to the Eastern Han Dynasty “Qin” contains: Confucius self-defense anti-Lu, in the mountains, see Yi Ming Dush, beautiful: “Lan Dang is the king.”

The real orchid culture originated in the Warring States Period Chu State’s patriotic poet Qu Yuan, Hanzhi, Allah, Oran, with orchids, has been influenced by the future for thousands of years.

When the poet behind the world, there are also many famous sentences. For example, Chen Zhun’s “Years of Foreign Amateur, and I am”. ” Liu Xizhuang’s “One from the Master Lin Xuan, the Shame Waitan”.

The poets linked to the perfectness of Orchid’s Gao Jie and the personality, making the Orchid culture continue to expand and continuity.

Huishi Lan Xin

The orchid is known as high, elegant, and fragrant, Ye Zi is beautiful, the flowers are far. The unique petals of sturdy, protothella, making people feel that she is unforgettable, impressed her.

The orchid has become a videos and symbol of all good things in the minds of the people. The same character is the same as the orchid is the essence of our Chinese culture.

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