To her fruit potted plant, I want to throw all my flowers!

1. Watermelon potted plants

1. Wash the watermelon seeds and remove the surface of the surface.

2. Put the clean watermelon on the wet towel to germination.

3. After the watermelon seeds germinate, plant the watermelon into the flower pot, pour water, keep the soil moist, and put it in the scattered light.

4. When the watermelon seedlings grow to four or five true leaves, the first topping can be performed to promote the germination of the side buds. In the entire growth period of watermelon, you can constantly top the side branches so that nutrients are concentrated on the flowers and fruits.

5. In order to promote the result rate, when watermelon blooms, you can give watermelon actively pollination.

2. Moncel Pain

1. Remove the kiwi seeds and put them on a wet towel or a moist gauze.

2. After the kiwi seeds sprout, plant the seeds into the flower pot and cover a thin layer of soil.

3. Keep the soil moist. After a period of time, the dense small forest grows up, and the hot summer looks cool!

3. Apple potted

1. Apple seeds can also use wet towels to germinate, first let the seeds give birth to the bud.

2. After that, the apple seeds are buried in the flower pot. Be careful not to break the buds and pour water. In about a week, apple seeds will break out.

4. Fire Dragon Fruit Potted

1. Dragon fruit seeds are difficult to clean. Everyone chopped the flesh of the dragon fruit, then put it in the stockings, rubbed it hard, and separated the flesh from the seeds. Be sure to separate, don’t be afraid of trouble.

2. Clean the dragon fruit seeds.

3. Sprinkle dragon fruit seeds evenly in the flower pot.

4. Water through the water, cover it with plastic wrap, and the dragon fruit can be emitted in four or five days. After germination, remove the plastic wrap and put it in a place with sufficient light for maintenance.

5. Lemon pot

1. Remove the lemon seed pulp, put it in the water, push the hydroponic germination, change the water every day, and keep the water clean.

2. When you see the lemon seeds germinated, you can plant it in a flower pot, covering a layer of pebble above the lemon seeds.

3. Keep the soil moist and make small buds in a week.

6. Guiyuan potted plant

1. Eat the remaining longan seeds, soak into the water, change the water every day, know that the seeds crack a small seam.

2. Basshly bury the section of the cracks in the flower pot, put a layer of stones on the surface, pour water, and then spray the water every day to moisturize.

3. About a week, the green cinnamon seedlings grow up.

(Author: Source Thirteen Source: Douban)

7. Litchi potted

1. Put the litchi on the wet towel for germination until you see that the buds grow.

2. At this time, plant the lychee seeds in the flower pot, pour water, and cover a layer of plastic wrap above the flower pot to moisturize.

3. After the seeds germinate, everyone can remove the plastic wrap and put the lychee pot in a place with sufficient light for maintenance.

8. Mango potted

1. The mango shell is very hard, so you need to cut the mango shell with scissors and remove the seeds inside.

2. There is a thin layer of skin on the outside of the mango seeds. This layer of skin needs to be torn off. After tearing it off, put the mango seeds in the water for the roots.

3. After the mango seeds germinate, plant the mango seeds into a loose and breathable matrix.

4. Watering every day, keep the soil moist, and soon grow into a small pot!

9. Pomegranate potted

1. Separate pomegranate seeds from the flesh species.

2. Sowing the seeds to the prepared perchibody species, water the water, and keep the matrix moist.

3. About three or four weeks, pomegranate seeds can be sprouted

10. Orange potted

1. Plant the oranges in the water and change the water every day until you see the trend of germination of the seeds.

2. The quasi -breathable matrix, the germinated oranges are used to cover the depth of two to three times the depth of the seeds. Watering is watered every day to keep the matrix moist. Generally, it can be germinated in three weeks.

11. Pineapple potted

1. Soak the jackfruit seeds into the water and change the water every day until you see the root system germination, as shown in the figure below.

2. After that, plant the buds down and plant it to the prepared matrix.

3. During the maintenance period, to ensure good ventilation and soil moisturizing, it can grow into small potted plants soon.

12. Papaya potted

1. The outer species of the papaya seeds are removed, leaving only the seeds inside, soaking the seeds into the water, changing the water every morning and evening, and can be sowed in about four or five days.

2. After planting the seeds into the flower pot, you can cover a thin layer of small stones above the seeds.

3. Papaya seeds germinate quickly and have high temperatures, and can grow into small forests in four or five days.

13. Loquat potted

1. If the breeding is troublesome, you can plant the loquat directly into the loose and breathable matrix to keep the matrix moist.

2. Put the flower pot to the scattered light, and it can emerge in about two weeks.

14. Grapefruit potted

1. Some grapefruit has no seeds, so everyone wants to plant grapefruit, but also depends on luck. After getting grapefruit seeds, peel off the skin outside the seed. Soak in the water all night.

2. Later the seeds evenly to the soil.

3. Plant a layer of small stones above and water the water.

4. Put it in the scattered light, and water it once every two days, and it can germinate soon.

Flowers, what kind of seeds do you have,

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