Top ten misunderstandings and countermeasures

Misunderstanding 1: Heavy tree, light growth

Trimming must first ensure that it can grow normally, followed by making it a beautiful tree, which is beneficial to watch, which is the basic principle of seedlings. However, in daily work, many people are inverted, with “beauty” as the first, take measures such as adjustment of the tree, and affect the normal growth of seedlings. Therefore, before the trim, we must first carefully design the pruning scheme, and do not affect the normal growth of the seedlings as the trim.

Misunderstanding 2: Heavy branch, short interception, light squadrosis

In order to reduce the amount of flowers, some people make the flowers and flowers, often to the rock or short-sectional branches of flowers and shrubs such as peach, Yushui Mei. In fact, during the trimming process, especially during the trimming process of winter or early spring, under the premise of ensuring the normal growth and aesthetics of the seedlings, it can reduce the removal or short truncation of the branches. Buds can also effectively concentrate nutrition, so that the flower buds under the retained flowers are growing.

Misunderstanding 3: Heavy dormancy, long-term

In the work, many people pay more attention to the sleeping period of the seedlings, and ignore the trimming of the short-term growth period. As everyone knows, the prunity of seedlings is also very important. Temperate, not only makes the seedlings grow vigorously, form a beautiful tree crown, but also effectively reduce the workload of dormancy trim. For example, in mid-May to mid-June, picking up the peach, can effectively control the flow of flowers, increase the fullness of flower buds, and small trees can be improved early. In the middle and late July, the removal of the brigadier can effectively improve the ventilation and light transmissive conditions of the crown, and promote nutrient steering. In addition, in the middle and late August, some flower shrubs are taken, and it can also effectively control the growth of the new shift, promote the branches and enrichment of the wintering capacity.

Misunderstanding 4: Before the flow of flowers,

At work, people often pay attention to the flower of the flower seedlings, because the spectacular trimming can guarantee the quality of flowering. After the flower, the trimming is often overlooked, which affects the growth, flower bud differentiation of such seedlings and the flowering quality of the coming year. After spending, it is also a very important job and must do it. For example, peach, Yuli Meimei, peony, etc., after flowering, you should cut out the residual flowers, if you don’t cut the residual flow in time, it will lead to plant results, thus consumption of a lot of nutrients, affecting flower bud differentiation, leading to a small year or small flower . In addition, like Ziwei, many flowering flowers such as flowering, should be trimmed in time after each flower, so can promote new branches and open new flowers.

Misunderstanding 5: Heavy short, light update

For some flower shrubs, pay attention to short intercepts on the branches during trim, and neglect the update of the branches. For example, when trimming a stewed sea, it is wrong to understand the habit of the “old branch flowers”, only pay close attention to some of the branches, and ignore the update to some flowering old branches. In fact, the largest embarrassment is the largest branches of 3 years to 5 years, and the old branches of old branches have gradually weakened. Therefore, it should be updated in time, so that the entire plant always keeps the flowering state.

Misunderstanding Six: Heavy main dry, light main branch

In the work, we often see some sidewalk trees dry straight, but the distribution of the main branches is uneven, which grows on a trajectory and has “card neck disease”. This is due to ignore the retained retention of the main branch. This not only affects the opening of the crown, but also after strong convective weather and under large snow, the big branches and the trunk are very easy to split. The correct way is that when you leave the main branch, you must pay a relatively thick newborn branches in different directions, and the retained branches must be evenly distributed, and it is necessary to go to the wrong, so that the tree crown can be opened, anti Wind and snow ability is stronger.

Misunderstanding seven: heavy tree crown ventilation, light seedlings

When trimming the seedlings such as Yusi, the peach, and the Fatong, many people like to trim them as a cup shape, and they also have a cup-shaped tree crown more ventilated, and it is not easy to cause pests and pests. As everyone knows, although the cup-shaped tree crown is well ventilated, because of it, it violates the growth habits of seedlings, and it also shortens the life of seedlings. The correct way is that the flowers of the banyorma, the peach can take a smooth shape, so that the entire crown is flat, not only makes the plant ventilate, but also conducive to the growth of seedlings. For Fatong, such as no wires, there is no pipeline, there should be a natural circle shape, which is not only large, but also conducive to plant growth.

Misunderstanding 8: Repairing results, light repair cutting order

When trim, it is the most advisable, trimmed to watch, first to observe whether the seedling trend is balanced, if unbalanced, the cause of the first analysis. If it is more than the branches, especially large branches, it is necessary to make branches. Before the branch, you should decide the number of big branches and its position on the backbone branches, will cut the useless big branches first. After the big branches are better, they will trim the small branches, which should be from the main branches or the upper part of each side. Since then, it will be done down. For ordinary seedlings, you should cut the part first, and the ministry will be scaters; When several people cut a seedlings, they should study the repair plan before they can do it.

Misunderstanding Nine: Tightening

The wound will be left during the garden tree trimming, sometimes due to the retreat of large branches, or because the opening angle is high, if it is not treated in time, it will cause the branches to dry, or rain waterSoak and pathogenic invading parasitic, causing died of branches, so that the tree is weak.Therefore, the wound should be processed in time after the end of the trim.In addition, the branches of the disarmed disease should be resolved in time to avoid the spread of disease.Misunderstanding 10: Ignore the trimming tool

When repairing seedlings, all tools should ensure sharp and pruning causing seedlings, folds, branches, and broken.Tools that trimming the stront branch, use the copper sulfate to disinfect other branches to prevent cross-infection.

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