Triangle breeding method and precautions

First, soil

The soil of the triangular plum is generally mixed with the patriarch, rot leaveso, and fine sand, and the appropriate amount of bone powder is added. Buy a small pot triangular plum directly from the flower market, there is no need to change the soil in the short term, and the original secret can be used. In 1 ~ 2 years, change a part of the new soil when the ball is changed, the ratio is as follows (the average person I don’t tell him):

Garden: Harlower: Sand is mixed according to the proportion of 5: 3: 2, or peat soil: rot leaveso: sand: Pearl rock is mixed according to 5: 2: 2: 1 ratio.

Two, watering

Triangular plum demand is relatively large, and there is slightly varied every season:

In spring, the length of Triangle plum is gradually accelerated, and it needs to be water every day and is often sprinkled to the leaves and four weeks to increase air humidity. If the water is less water, it will cause fallen leaves due to insufficient humidity.

In the summer, the triangles need water to water, poured 2 times a day, spray the water in the morning, and water in the afternoon.

In the fall, after the temperature drops, keep the pot soil moist. The temperature is less than 10 ° C to reduce watering and hold the potter to dry. If the temperature is above 15 ° C, it can be placed properly.

Water is reduced in winter, the pots do not do not pour.

Third, fertilization

Triangle plum fertilizer, after the weather is warming, 1 fresh nitrogen fertilizer every 10 ~ 15 days, the growth period will apply 1 cake fertilizer every week, and the phosphate fertilizer will be accepted. After autumn, reduce fertilization, and stop fertilization in winter. When the growth of flowering season, the leaves can be sprayed with 1000 times of dihydrogenate solution for 2 to 3 times, or each 10 days is given 1 time.

Note: Triangle Mei is very sensitive to urea, such as improper fertilization, it may produce less phenomenon, so you should be particularly cautious when urea is.

Four, light temperature

The triangular plum is very suitable for 20 ~ 30 ° C, and the falling leaves will appear below 5 ° C in winter.

Triangle Mei likes light, lack of lack of light is weak, affecting flowering. Winter should put the triangle plum in the bright places, and the daily lighting time cannot be less than 8 hours, otherwise a large area of ​​deciduous leaves.

V. Precautions

1, flower pot selection. It is best to choose a rectangular or elliptical purple sand in a rectangular or elliptical purple sand. The suitable flower pot can not only make the triangle plum grow and strong, it looks more and more pleasing.

2, plastic trim. After the flower of the triangle, there will be a lot of deciduous leaves, falling flowers and other natural phenomena, but it is impossible to clean it, but it will clean the leaves in time, cut off the branches of the disease, treat new branches, It should be taken often, promote branches, and ensure that flowering is strong.

3, pests and disease prevention. There is less pests and diseases in Triangle, which generally appears in the winter and spring seasons, and the room will be harmful to the hobe and the thorn moth, and the family maintenance is timely discovery in time to remove, and spray the agent.

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