Tulip planting method

Garden planting


Before the tulip, the breeding needs to be treated with a low temperature, and the treatment is most suitable at 5 ° C or 9 ° C, which can be directly planted.

Plant time

Tulips cultivated by the garden need to be planted in late October.

Garden planting method

The tulip planting time of the garden should be kept at around 14-16cm. The basic fertilizer should be applied. The deep sand is 4cm is most suitable, and the groove is 15-20 cm. After planting, pay attention to watering in time. It is very small in germination and blossom, and the thin fertilizer can be applied 2-4 times.

Potted planting

Potted potted pot

Select 10-20 cm diameter flower pots in the Chinese department. As a drainage, brick stone, etc. in the basin mat, and then add fertile and drainous soil. It should be noted here that the choice of soil should be unable to use the old soil, and the old soil planted is not edible to prevent infection of insects.

Pot planting method

Plant 10-15 cm caliber flower pots 1-2 balls, 18-20 cm flower pots plant 3-5 species per basin, and the top of the breeding in the top of the bread should be parallel to the surface of the soil when planting.

After planted, it was planted in a cool place to observe it for about 3-5 days, and then put it in the water to the outdoor conservation. When the surface of the basin is in 1 cm, it needs to be watered.

In February of each year, in February, the plastic film will use the plastic film to take the whole treasure, put it in a place in the outdoor ventilation, and maintain the root of 5 ° C. Watering the basin is watering and does not do it.

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