Twenty years of Yushu, 30 years of gardenia, flowers have raised flowers for a lifetime!

30 years of gardenia

(Author: Natalza smashed your source: Flowers)

30 years of Yushu

(Author: 蓅唫 蓅唫 : : Source: Weifang Bar)

30 years

(Author: Little Gourd Source: Tap Hua Wing)

Thirty years of camellia

(Author: northshore Source: stepping flowers)

(Author: northshore Source: stepping flowers)

30 years of Xianluohua

(Author: Jingqi Shanghai Dynamics Source: Bathing Huagu)

30 years of wine bottle orchid

(Author: Hua Lao Liu Source: Tap Hua Wing)

20 years of Kirin Palm

(Author: Nana Baby Source: Tap Hua Wing)

30 years of cactus

37 years of Milan

(Author: ZKP122 Source: Bathing Huagu)

40 years of Clivia

20 -year Winter Beauty

(Author: UFO518 Source: Bathing Huagu)

30 years of spring

(Author: True Love Source: Tap Flowers)

30 years of Mo Shanying

(The scientific name is unclear, Mo Shanying is called a local name)

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