Two-wood multi-meat growth, female church

Female status bought

The velocity of the leaves is very high, and the breeding is mainly recommended, and the mother will continue to explode, and it is also possible, you don’t have to plant it. You see!

Slowly can be changed to the ceramic basin, and the water permeability is better!

After a month, I have grown a lot, change a large pot, plant, leaf plug, all kinds of plants have wood! ~

However, in winter, there is less sunny in the room, seriously and long, and also recognizes the female science?

Blackhead cutting, leaf plug, reintegration.

Spring is coming soon, the meat grows very quickly, see it, before the head, the small seedlings inserted out!

Female nursery

I have experienced a toss, and I finally changed into the big pot, waiting for him to grow.

It has been fully raised for nearly two years, and it is beautiful!

Female chick

After raising the state, pay attention to the time in time. If you turn it up again, you should not clean the root. As long as there is no bug in the soil, you can move in a larger basin.

It is also very convenient to change the basin after the whole basin, and it is very convenient to fill it out.

Fill in some soil in advance in the new pot, and then even the soil is full of female narcles.

This girl has a young knit, and it is better to be a big god! Regardless of plants, just keep her with your heart, one day will let you find her beauty, let you think that all is worth it ~ “

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