Types of Huwei orchid

1. Types of Huweilan (Tigerpi)

1. Short leaf -shaped tiger tail orchid. Although the leaves are short, they are very wide. This tiger tail orchid has a lower head, which is generally about 10cm-20cm.


2. Phnom Penh’s short leaf tiger orchid. The length of the leaves is also shorter, exceeding 10cm. Generally, the edge of the blades is golden yellow, which is displayed in a strip.


3. Silver pulse tiger tail orchid. The leaves are not a uniform shape. The edge of the leaves is presented by silver -white vertical shape, and the width of its leaves is very uneven.


4. Silver edge short -leaf tiger tail orchid. The length of the leaves is very short, and the length of the leaves is about 10cm. The edge of the leaves is vertical and silver -white.


5. Onion leaf -shaped tiger tail orchid. Its leaves are like onion leaves, which are generally cylindrical, and the thickness is similar. The tip of the leaves is slightly narrow, and the leaves are independent.


6. Phnoplar tiger tail orchid. The spots of the leaves are golden yellow, so it is called Phnom Penh Tigerwei orchid.


7, fan -shaped tiger tail orchid. The leaves look like a fan. The edge of their leaves is strip.


2. Reminder:

This plant is generally growing in places with better light, and it must be watered frequently. It should not be placed in a dark place. In this way, the leaves of Tigeri orchid will yellow. So pay attention during the cultivation process. You may feel that every time you water it. However, the situation of each pot of tiger tail orchids is different. For example, the soil is different, and the size of the pot is different. The root system of Huwei orchid is not stout, and the water of the leaves evaporates very little. Therefore, if you are unfamiliar, you can try to pour in unsatisfactory watering. Use small wooden sticks and other things to open the soil layer and observe more. If you know how much the tiger tail orchid you grow is poured and how long it takes.

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