Use these vine plants to decorate the courtyard, which is almost beautiful!

Coral vine

The flowers of coral vines are dazzling and look very fresh and cute. The common colors are pale red and white. The flowering period is very long. The commonly applied in the courtyard scaffolding, dazzling flowers, fresh and green branches and leaves, hanging hanging, hanging hanging, hanging hanging Above the scaffolding and the porch, it was suddenly happy.

In addition, coral vine also has a very interesting legend, known as the chain of love.


Wisteria’s winding is very good, and the ability to adapt to the environment is also very strong. The shape of the flowers looks like a cute little butterfly. The color is purple or lilac, which looks very beautiful.

The history of wisteria as a garden scaffolding can be traced back to ancient my country. In addition, it can be cultivated by the landscape, which is beautiful and extraordinary.

Wisteria’s environmental protection value and edible value and medicinal value have also been fully recognized by the majority of flower friends.

Fujimoto Rose

Teng’s rose flowers are very large and have a charming aroma. It is a very good family decorative plant. The variety of vine plants, bright colors, soft stems, made into arched doors or flower walls, which are almost beautiful. It is one of the best green plants promoted in my country.


The leaves of the iron wire are small and brilliant, and the common colors such as white, pink, blue, and pale purple are common. It is a flower with a long flowering period that has been driving from spring to summer. In the application of family, most of the wall beautification is mainly beautiful.


The glory of the cattle, which is the speakers we are talking about, must be familiar with this flower buddy. Because the shape of the flowers is named after the speaker flower, the color is beautiful and very conspicuous, and the flowering period is very long. It feels like.

One curtain faint dream

One curtain Youmeng is also called Jinpinghua, the flowering period is in summer and autumn. It is mostly used for vertical greening, such as scaffolding and road gallery, which has a high coverage and has the function of shading. However, the theme of the viewing is neither leaves nor flowers, but the roots of the sagging down. Is it amazing?

In addition to these vine plants mentioned above, there are other applied vine plants. I wo n’t say much here. Choose what you like and plant it at home!

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