Variety of moon


The seaside is seen, and it is called Hai Furong. The one-year-old herbaceous plant, the diameter of the main root is about 1 cm, the stem is 20-50 cm long, the base of the gray green, the narrow lanceolate to elliptical, the first is sharp, The base is gradually or narrow to the petiole.

Flower bud cone lanceolate or ovate shape, open upwards, sepal, green or yellow green, open up on the edge of red, the flowers are yellow, the flower is in May to August.

Original US Atlantic Coast and Mexico Bay Coast, Peru, Chile, Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, Israel, Iraq, Egypt, South Africa and other state cultivation and wildness.

Wooden flower

The yellow flower is seen, the main root is very thick, the stem is about 70-150 cm, the thickness of 6-20 mm, and is a commonly trumberry and sparse stretching long hair (phenolic red blister).

The base of the base, pouring the needle, the first is sharp or slightly blunt, the edge has shallow wavy sawtooth, white or red, the upper dark green or bright green, the flowers are yellow, seed rhombus, brown, angular, horizontal mask Whole quarter, about half of the birth, spend May – October.

The Holidaymoon sees the herb species from a hybridized in Europe, which is spread from the UK to all countries in 1860.


Urgent to the outer age or perennial herb, there is a primary root, the stem is 10-50 cm long, often branched, is silk hair, sometimes mixed, and mixed in the upper portion of the stem.

Originally produced in the eastern part of the United States, it was collected from Europe, East Asia, Australia, South Africa, and quickly escaped wild.


Overnritachia, there is a rough main root, stem, 30-50 cm, leaf handle mad red, white to lavender red, 5-7 mm long, flower pink to yellow.

In the south of Texas, Texas, Texas, in the southwestern part of the United States, and the warm temperate in Central America and South America also have found.

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