Waiter’s maintenance management method

Upper basin

The upper pot is generally selected in spring or autumn, which is suitable in rainy days.Before transplanting, you should make your darlers to ensure the survival rate.Soil in the flower pot should choose loose fertile acid soil.The soil ratio is 2 humorite soil, 3 sandstone, 2 decomposing pieces, mix it evenly, and then on the basin or change the pot.

Light and temperature

South of the Yellow River is open to the winter.Northern Yellow River is in the indoor winter, placed in sunshine, and the indoor temperature is maintained above 5 degrees, but it is not more than 10 degrees.In April of the following year, moved to the outdoor, first in the back wind to maintain, and gradually moved to a ventilated direction after stabilization.When the growth period is insufficient, the division of flowers affect the differentiation of flower buds.

Plastic surgery

Due to the tree, according to the tree posture, the large frame is set, the other gourds, the branches, the length branches, cross branches, and weak branches, so that ventilation is transmitted.For the weak of the tree, the upper branches can be short-term, so that the overall tree will be strong, and at the same time, the anti-corrosion film protection wound is applied to the repair.

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