Wanlan’s maintenance points

Wanlan’s growth must have sufficient sunshine, suitable temperature, appropriate moisture, necessary nutrients, of course, you have your patience and carefully, read the following text, do a little lesson for the maintenance of Wanlan!

What do you need for Wan Lan?

Bathing in the sun

The sun’s breath will make it very robust. The high temperature is over-half of the sun, it is enough to cope with it. Winter will make the sun come more fierce!

Give it point temperature

Van Lan is a tropical plant, which you must meet it. It is best to be around 25 ° C. If there is no frost in the field, it’s four seasons smile.

In fact, it needs moisture

Everything is inseparable from the nourishment of water, although it is drought, but there is no suitable moisture. The dry season It needs you to water, the air humidity is maintained at 80%, it will be very cool.

Nutrients are essential

People need nutrition, and the plants are the same. Give it a vitamin. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It will be very happy in 8 days.

Earth mother moisturizing

The pots must be drained and ventilated in the basin. It is like a person’s home. No one wants his home being flooded plus PM2.5 exceeded the standard.


If you are insect, moving is that it is imperative. If you live well, you will change a bowl. Of course, I have a three-five-fold exchange and is normal!

The descendant is not needed

First of all! Van Lan can be in its limbs to be bigger. Doing so can guarantee its descendant survival rate. Please use the sterilized appliance operation, remember to apply it in the wound! Who is not good for a knife. The pain is a common feeling of creatures.

It is sick and needs your care.

It is also fragile and strong, and there is also a strong moment in vulnerability. It is sick when you need you, add more attention to it. In fact, you will pay attention to it in us, you are still very robust.

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