Wanli Xianghua Map

What is the Wanli flower?

Wanli fragrance refers to Qi Qixiang, also called as Jiulixiang, thousands of miles, original in Taiwan, tropical Asia, Malaysia, Philippines.It belongs to the fragrant, the moon, evergreen trees or small shrubs, the top or axillary is umbrella, white, have strong aroma, can be passed far.The phase of the seven Huari fragrance can still be smelled, so the name is “Qi Qiang”.After the flowers, the red berries can be knocked, and the cooked fruit can be edible, and the mosquito repellent effect is very good.

Qiliang is a tropical ornamental plant, mostly used in the garden hedge, bonsai view.Jiulixiang blossoms are pleasant, and the south is planted, or the foundation of the building is planted, and it can also be planted in indoor viewing, and the flow can be extracted with aromatic oil.

Seven Miles is massed, and it is characterized by strong aroma, which is often mentioned in literary and artwork for expressing certain specific artists.The first poem in the famous female writer in Taiwan in the 20th century is the first poem in his career is “Qiqi Xiang”, the poet is a background of seven-ricians, and recalls youth past 20 years ago.Jay Chou also sang a song of the same name!

Wanli Xianghua Picture Appreciation

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