Wannual green flower and feng shui

Wannan flower language

Because of its name and fruit (red) Geely, you often use the symbol of rich, auspicious, peace, health, and longevity.

Common variants have a golden side, and the silver is all other than large leaves, fine leaves, dwarfs, and yellow-white streaks.

Representative meaning

Wan Yongqing represents a good meaning of auspicious, family, national peace in our eyes.In the paper-cut culture in my country, you often cut out the eyes of the young green. Starting from the Spring Festival, it is a good wish to make a lucky wish of the doors and windows.Not only will be used in traditional festivals, but also married, marrying, waiting for the marriage, meaning that the marriage is smooth, and the beautiful desire of the child is married.

Wan Yong also represents a long-term long-term long-lasting friendship, and all the year round of green, the long-term long-term long-lasting, the youth we have to struggle after graduation, but the past window is now separated, but our friendship will always be like a thousand years.So fresh, always keep the initial heart.

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