Want to explode the pot?Just plant these flowers

Five -star flower

Five -star flowers, blooming clusters, like a small umbrella, there are dark red and pink, and some areas of the south can bloom throughout the year. It is very suitable for family planting!

Burst technique

1. When the temperature is 20-26 degrees, sow the seedling box with a seedling box for about 10 days to germinate. After germination, the sun is gradually seen. After more than 2 months, transplant it into the flower pot.

2. Five -star flowers like light, watery water, dry and wet, spray water around the plants in the morning and summer of spring and summer.

3. Apply organic liquid fertilizer or compound fertilizer every 10 days to make more topics to make the plants fuller and bloom more.

Wind chimes

The blooming of the wind bell is like a bell, which is very suitable for planting in the yard, or on the balcony, with pink, purple, white, etc. The wind blows, the small bell swaying with the wind, very cute!

Burst technique

1. Sowing when the temperature is 15-25 degrees, the seed surface is covered with a 3-5 mm soil layer, and the seedling box is placed in a place where astigmatism ventilation.

2. Small seedlings germinate, gradually see light, apply a thin compound fertilizer, and can be transplanted into the flower pot when it grows to 5 cm.

3. Ensure sufficient light, do not need to be topped during the growth period, appropriately apply organic fertilizer or phosphorus and potassium fertilizer.

4. Wind bells are perennial flowers, once sowing, and can enjoy flowers in the future!


Ball root Begonia is as big as the slap, colorful, and the color of the rose, the color of the peony, and the pose of the camellia. It is called “the most beautiful flower in the world”.

Burst technique

1. The best temperature for planting is 20-25 degrees, keeping the pot soil moist, and the seedling box is placed in a place where astigmatism ventilation, germinating for about 10 days.

2. Ball root Begonia likes lighting. You must ensure that the light time of about 10 hours a day, and the light is not easy to bloom.

3. Apply a rotten bean cake fertilizer every 10 days to grow, and dilute more with water. Potassium dihydrogen phosphate water -soluble fertilizer or excess calcium phosphate during the buds and buds can make the flowers more gorgeous.


Yang Panflower is also a super beautiful flower. Although it is not as delicate as the peony rose, it is particularly small and fresh, and the color is also very rich. Pink, green, purple, lace, and so on.

Burst technique

1. The appropriate temperature of the orange bellflower sowing is 15-25 degrees. The seedlings are sowed to keep the soil moist. It can germinate about 2-3 weeks. It must be patient!

2. After germination, you can open the lid of the seedling box, and gradually let it see the scattered light.

3. When the seedlings grow, they can be transplanted into the flower pot and put them in a place with sufficient light. The pot soil is not dry or poured. Apply organic liquid fertilizer or compound fertilizer every 2 weeks.

4. Tooling treatment during the growth period, so as to germinate more side branches and bloom more. The orange bellflower is born for many years. After the flowers are boiled, some of the ground are stable, and the next year can grow again, and one has become a lot of trees.


The dwarf meten is also the originator of the pot, and the color is also colorful. Many flower friends can also burst the pot in the indoor South Bowl, which is good for novice flower friends!

Burst technique

1. Short glory can be sowed in March-August. The most suitable germination temperature is about 21-25 degrees. The seeds are best sowed in the seedling box and placed in a place where astigmatism ventilation can germinate in about 1 week.

2. After the seeds germinate, the sun gradually sees the sun. When it grows to 2-3 true leaves, it can apply water-soluble compound fertilizer every 10 days. The proportion of compound fertilizers and water is: 1: 1000

3. In the growth period of the dwarf glory, each time the 6 leaves are growing, 2 leaves of the upper part are left, leaving 4 leaves at the bottom to allow the plant to grow more side branches.

4. Dwarf glory is happy and happy, and the sun is exposed to the sun during the growth period. For the weekly compound fertilizer, about 2-3 months can grow into a large flower ball.

Solar flower

The sun flowers, commonly known as “can’t die”, are super good flowers. When they were young, they were planted in the yard. One piece was opened, and they could sow themselves, regardless of the next year.

Burst technique

1.3-July can be sown. If the temperature is about 20-25 degrees, it can germinate in about a week.

2. After germination, the sun is gradually exposed. Without fertilization, the sun flowers can be made into flower balls by themselves.

3. Cuttings of the sun are easy to survive, and the roots can live in the soil.

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