Want to make Green Dragons into a waterfall?Pharaoh next door did it in 2 months!

Spidering orchid

Put the sprinkler by the window

Everything grows by the sun. Although the hanging orchids are resistant to semi -yin, they cannot not bask in the sun for a long time. Therefore, it is best to put the sprinkling orchid on the window, or the bright places closer to the window. These places not only have good light, but also good ventilation conditions.

Get fertilizer once a month

If you want to spider orchids to grow fast and become a waterfall, the best way is to fertilize. As long as you have sufficient nutrition, the hanging orchids immediately grow up!

Do not need to be too particular about fertilizer. Ordinary compound fertilizers can be thrown into the water before watering. After shaking evenly, pour it to the hanging orchid. It is enough once in January. Other agricultural fertilizers can receive flowers to receive unexpected results ~

Change the pot soil once in 2 years

As long as the chromomous orchids are nutritious, it is still very fast. It will not be installed in the original pelvis in about two years. Therefore, it is necessary to change the pot in time to give the drinker a larger growth space.

When changing the basin, trim the original root system and get rid of some “small radish” (the white thing in the figure below is). It has a strong water storage ability, but too much small radish will make the hanging orchid only grow roots. Long leaves, so you need to trim half.

Put the sprinkler at a high place

Putting the semi -orchid in the room can make the hanging orchid hang up, and then it is easier to grow into a waterfall. But don’t put it too high, otherwise it is not easy to manage, and it is more appropriate to place it at about the same height of people’s chest.


Tao rice water that is rotted with green dill every month

People must not eat, flowers and plants must not be fertilized, without nutrition, flowers and plants can only be sick. Pour the rotten rice water for the green dill every month, which can make the green dill grow. Tao rice densely seal it in the sun for about 1 month to rot and succeed.

If the flower friends think that the rotten rice water is too troublesome, you can use the compound fertilizer directly, throw the compound fertilizer in water before watering, shake it evenly and pour it to the green dill once a month, the effect is not inferior to Taomi water.

Put in a bright place in the room

Lvluo’s requirements for the environment are similar to spidering orchids, and they need to be placed in a bright and ventilated room. If the flowers of the flowers in the houses are available, they can be put together. Essence

Hydroponic green dill can be kept in the fish tank

What should I do if I want Green Luo and don’t want to take care of it often? Flowers with fish tanks can throw the green dill in the fish tank!

There are oxygen pumps in the fish tank, and the amount of water dissolved in the fish tank is high. The roots of the green dill will not only rot the roots in the water, but also be long!

In addition, the excrement of the fish is also natural organic fertilizer. The fish tank is rich in water nutrition. Throwing the green dill in the fish tank without watering without fertilization, the green dill can also grow into a waterfall!

Guide green dill climbing vine

If you want the green dill to grow into a waterfall, you must also put the green dill in a relatively high place, so that the green dill branches can hang down. If you want to climb the wall, you must use materials such as iron nails, tape, etc. to guide the green dill to climb the wall. It will not grow into a wall itself.


Apply a thin fertilizer once a month

The demand for fertilizer in Wenzhu is actually not very large. It is enough to use it once in 1 or 2 months. You can use ordinary compound fertilizers. You can also use your own beancake fat and rice water. The proportion of 2000 was diluted and poured to Wenzhu.

Ensure enough moisture

Wenzhu is wet and wet, and it is necessary to ensure that the water is sufficient, so that the bamboo can grow. When you touch the surface of the pot soil, you can water the bamboo. You cannot pour half -intercept. It is necessary to pour the water from the water permeable hole at the bottom of the flower pot. Usually spray on bamboo leaves.

If Wenzhu has grown relatively, artificial spray is very laborious. It is recommended to install a humidifier near Wenzhu.

Guide the bamboo climbing vine

Although the bamboo waterfall is very beautiful, if it does not take care of it, it is easy to grow by itself, it is easy to grow into weeds without a trace of beauty. Therefore, it is necessary to use iron wires and other materials to control the growth direction of Wenzhu, so that it is immortal and beautiful.


1, 2 years change the pot

If you want to grow tall and large, you must change the pot in time. If the flower pot is too small, it will limit the development of turtle back bamboo. Flowers will feel that they can’t install it in the basin according to the growth of their turtles, and they will change the pot once.

When changing the pot, the soil should be used with loose and fertile slightly acidic soil. It can be mixed with rotten soil and vermiculite at a ratio of 7: 3.


Turtle bamboo is native to the tropical rain forest and is very happy, so watering must be sufficient. Especially now that the temperature is gradually rising, the volume of the leaves has increased, and the demand for water on the back of the turtle has gradually increased. Flowers are usually poured once every 3 or 4 days. Flowers can use their soil conditions to dry the surface of the pot soil, and they will water it.

Piping and diligent

If you want to grow well and grow big, water is one aspect, and fertilizer is the other. It is best to apply fertilizer once in half a month, and fertilizer is best organic fertilizer.

If you make organic fertilizers, you can mix peel, vegetable leaves and water, put them in the sealed bottle, add some brown sugar, and put it in the sun for about 1 month to ferment successfully.

Just follow the Huahua,

Having a plant waterfall is no longer a dream!

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