Water ghostas breeding methods and precautions

Water ghost fish farming method

Temperature and light

Water ghostas like warm moist environment, asking for light enough but fear, not cold.

The water ghost banana is relatively high, and the temperature is preferably between 15-25 ° C. Because it is not cold, winter winter temperature requires between 15-20 ° C, at least less than 5 ° C.

The water ghost banana is suitable for a warmth of the light, and when the light is too strong, it needs to be properly shade or move to the half-yin, and winter can be placed in a greenhouse or indoor sun.


Water ghostas has strong adaptability to the soil, you can choose the soil layer deep, fertile, drainage and riculous sand, or sticky soil, commonly used is a mixture of peat soil, fertile garden and river sand. earth.


Water ghostas can add some basic fat when planting, and fertilizing 1 month in the growth period. After entering the flower period, it should be administered once every 7-10 days.


The demand for water ghostas on moisture varies with the changes in temperature. In the spring, with the increase in temperature, it is necessary to gradually increase the amount of water. In the hot summer, the water ghostas can spray the water ghosta in the morning, and then water in the afternoon, keep the pelvic moist and relatively high air humidity. Summer water ghostas will enter the flowering period, and water should be fully supplied. In winter, the temperature is lowered, then control watering, as long as the pot is slightly moist, it can spend the winter.

Water ghostas’ precautions

Breeding method

Water ghostas uses a method of propagation in the sputum, in the spring bispress in spring.

Pest Control

The main disease of the water ghosta has leaf spot and Yeoca.

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