Waterfare method and precautions

Waterfront method

Water fertilizer management

Watering: Due to high ray demand, the moisture is extremely easy to evaporate, and it is necessary to maintain proper humidity, and water can be watered every day.

Fertilizers: 2-3 grams of complex fertilizer in the basin in the implantation, and use 800 times the enemy clone irrigation. Maintaining the potting soil in the plantation of the basin, to promote the growth of the surface of the surface, to grow to the basin to grow, 2-3 times a week (water fertilizer in sunny day, concentration control within 200 mg / kg, rain fertilizer 2-3 g / pot), can also be supplemented with 1 calcium fertilizer.

Temperature light

Temperature: 100-day grass is warm and warm, no heat-resistant heat and cold, growing temperature during the day 18-20 ° C, night temperature 15-16 ° C. Summer growth is particularly rapid.

Light: It can be directly used in full-time photos, direct sunlight. If the sunshine is insufficient, the plants are easy to be long, and the resistance is also weak, and it will also be affected.

100-day grasshouette precautions


If you don’t pick your heart, there are too little branches of the plant, and the flowers are small. Appropriate picking can promote plant docking, flowers increase. When the seedlings grow to 4 leaves, it is planted and picked, and the lower part of the lower branch is promoted to form a better strain shape.

After planting a week, I started picking up, 4 pairs of real leaf, and the growth and branching of the plants decided to take again. The phosphorus potassium fertilizer such as peline dihydrogen phosphate during the flowering period, and causes the flower head to grow. After spending, you should cut the bunk head in time to reduce nutrient loss.

Pest Control

Bai-day grass common disease: white star disease, black spot disease, flower leaf disease

The hundred-day grass also needs to be a long. Hundreds of grass seedlings have long been very easy to grow. Pay attention to lowering Wantati, picking up, watering less.

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