Waterfare methods and precautions

Farming method


Iribrate the warm climate, the suitable temperature of the growth is between 15 ° C -25 ° C, but the high temperature limit of cold resistance is 24 ° C.


The other side of the flower likes half-yin environment, but it can also be exposed to the sun, so you should avoid direct sunlight, place it in a cool environment.


Ball root flowers are not picky to soil, but in loose, fertile, rich, rich, rich in the soil, the wild variety is generally grown in the vital wet belt, and it is a red soil, which is accustomed to the soil of the bleeding.


Hi wet, but at the same time, it can also drought, but planted in soils that are excellent in drainage, keeping sufficient moisture supply will make the boss of the bodies better.


On the other side of the flowers, the growth period is relatively long. It should be buried in sufficient organic fertilizer in the soil before planting. After every two months, you can use homemade compost or three factors fertilizers, should be used to be used. To promote the development and flowering of the ball.


Keep water supply

When farming the other side, if you find that the surface is dry, you need to give a water to the other side.

Since the other side of the flower will enter the sleep period, it is necessary to gradually reduce the number of watering times and water, it is best to stop watering.

Soil drainage is good

Planting the soil in which the water is used to use, otherwise it will easily form the water, the ball will rot.

temperature control

Into the other side like a warm environment, but the highest temperature cannot exceed 30 ° C, the average temperature is not above 24 ° C, the average temperature in winter is maintained at 8 ° C, the lowest temperature is 1 ° C, will not affect the boss flower growth.

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